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Yes, even high end view finders could fog up. Tested a few things, and this FOGTECH anti-fog liquid works great and is easy to apply. Just apply it with a wet pad and let it dry for 5 seconds. Makes a huge difference. A good thing to wipe on the GoPro HD Hero as well when working in humidity. Enjoy the tip, found below.

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Trying to get a ViewFinder on a Canon 60D? iDC has an answer, but you may not like the price. It's over $200 dollars for a baseplate that screws under the camera and comes with a Hoodman Loupe. IMO, I think the price is pretty high for something like a small Hoodman. Will it fit the new Canon T3i / 600D also? Doubt it, but that's a question for iDC. For the patient ones, I've already heard a few companies coming out with 'universal' base plate LCD ViewFinder adapters to fit any camera - and for a budget price. Just letting you know in case some of you might want to hold out. For the ones who need this as of 'yesterday' there's more information about the IDC Canon 60D baseplate, pricing, and availability below.

find-price-buttoniDC Canon 60D LCD View Finder BasePlate


YouTube member Bandticker gives a tour on the recent View Finder to hit the market called the VF Prime. This view finder has a large eyecup and -/+ 4 diopter which most lower end view finders lack. It's been featured on a few different websites, has received some excellent reviews. In this video there's a mention of it fitting a T2i, but with a different sized LCD you may have a 1mm crop on each side. Something people are more than willing to accept for a decent view finder. Should fit Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and Nikon DSLR's with 3" LCD perfectly. Can be found on eBay here: VF Prime LCD View Finder for 3" Canon Nikon DSLR

Or via Amazon Below

VF Prime
find-price-button VF Prime DSLR Camera LCD Viewfinder for 3" LCD


Letus-Hawk-T3i (3 of 10)
Canon T3i / 600D shown with Letus Hawk VF LCD View Finder

Letus created a Hawk VF (View Finder) for the 3:2 aspect DSLR LCD's like the T2i. It so happened to fit on the Canon 60D and fits pretty nicely on the Canon T3i as well. There's a base plate that is mounted to the bottom of the camera (still supports a tripod mount), and the Hawk VF View Finder is attached through a quick release system. It's a great semi-permanent way to attach a View Finder to the T3i without the use of sticky frames. For a closer look at how that all comes together, check out the video below.



There's the usual LCD View Finders that might work on the GH2, but a very interesting one from Varavon allows you to flip out the LCD and provide enough support so that you don't break it off. Something that can't be done with the traditional sticky metal frame. The company is the same who provided the unique internal mirror for Low viewing angles I reviewed here: https://cheesycam.com/varavon-lcd-low-angle-view-finder-for-dslr/. Not available yet, but looks like it will be soon. They make some quality products, but pricing was always the weak point stepping into the market. Curious as to what initial pricing will be, or maybe we'll get a peek at this over at Las Vegas NAB. You can see more Varavon news here: https://www.varavon.com/product/newproducts.html


Finding a decent 3:2 LCD View Finder still seems to be on everyone's list. I've been getting a few emails from Glenn today and he seems to have tracked one down from Meike. Now Meike was the one who released the LCDVF clone model a while back which everyone was pretty much satisfied with. They rubbed some people the wrong the way with it's exact replica design, so they've changed the look since then. Here's the new look and here's one made specifically to fit the LCD of the T2i if anyone else is looking.

find-price-button LCD View Finder for Canon T2i 3:2 Aspect LCD


OK, the first part of the video is me testing out the Sony SLTA55 and it's Auto Focus and Auto Exposure features. I'm not a fan of 'Auto Exposure', but as you can see the 'Auto Focus' kicks butt and works pretty fast. Not ideal for every situation, and with lots of movement happening in front of the camera, it might be a bit distracting. If you wanted to compare, I would say that it does work very very well though (much better than Nikons Auto Focus in Video).

lcd-viewfinder (1 of 3)

Second part, which is really the main point of this video is to show the changes that Meike has undergone in it's LCD Viewfinder product. They released an updated 'look' of their popular viewfinders, but pretty much kept the same quality. If you find the original version of their LCDVF look-alike version, that might be old inventory. Here's the new stuff which they've released to address any design copy issues.

lcd-viewfinder (3 of 3)

Glass feels the same, still works great, and the body is of the same weight and aspect ratio. The eyepiece cup has changed a bit as to be slightly different from it's Evil brother, and i'm not sure if it's just me, but the magnets seem to be much stronger against the metal frames. These are the new products, a bit pricier than their first product release, but still nice to see they are cheaper than the big time stuff out there.

lcd-viewfinder (2 of 3)
find-price-button New Meike LCD View Finder for 3" DSLR LCD's


False LCDVF Advertisement on Amazon

Ok, I just wanted to point out something over at Amazon that needs some attention to prevent confusion. I don't want anyone getting confused on what they might think is a great deal. I've posted information about the 'LCDVF clone' and made it clear that it is definitely not the real LCDVF. You can find that article here: https://cheesycam.com/evil-little-lcdvf-twin-vs-lcdvf/

Sure quality is great for the cheap price it was sold out to be, I own one myself, but this ad over at Amazon looks quite suspicious. To me it looks like they purposely hid the box, and name of the product, and is hoping people will purchase the item with the intent that it is indeed the real LCDVF, while in fact it isn't. The MEIKE brand of the clone is labeled clearly on the box and on the pouch, but all images on this Amazon ad appears to be intentionally hiding that information. Whether you buy the real deal or not, that's totally up to you and your business, but I just wanted to point out to those looking to buy the REAL LCDVF, stay clear from this product advertisement: LCDVF LCD Viewfinder for Canon 5D,5D MarkII, 7D, Nikon Digital SLR Cameras by Cowboystudio

False Ad on Amazon

Hey, you might be thinking i'm a bit harsh on calling them out on this and sure they aren't blatantly stating it's the real deal. Now take a second to check out their eBay auction, and you'll see they are listing the same 'LCDVF Clone' and are hiding any reference to the Meike brand. One image is even using the actual LCDVF product with LCDVF logo stamped on the side! Yeah, that's going a bit too far with the trickery to make a sale...

click image for large view

If you're looking for the real deal LCDVF viewfinder, that can be found here: The Real LCDVF DSLR View Finder


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Thanks to a few people for leaving some comments on this item. It's a new view finder loupe on the market that is said to fit the aspect ratio of the Canon 550D / T2i perfectly with no crop. Looks like a similar design we've seen before but now with a custom fit and no signs of 'infringement' here. There's currently only one other view finder that claims to be designed specifically for this Canon 550D, so this opens up another option for T2i owners. For those who are daring enough to attach the magnet frame onto the Canon 60D, it should be the exact same fit. Here's the link: View Finder 4 Canon 550D / T2i