Meike Changes DSLR LCD ViewFinders

OK, the first part of the video is me testing out the Sony SLTA55 and it's Auto Focus and Auto Exposure features. I'm not a fan of 'Auto Exposure', but as you can see the 'Auto Focus' kicks butt and works pretty fast. Not ideal for every situation, and with lots of movement happening in front of the camera, it might be a bit distracting. If you wanted to compare, I would say that it does work very very well though (much better than Nikons Auto Focus in Video).

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Second part, which is really the main point of this video is to show the changes that Meike has undergone in it's LCD Viewfinder product. They released an updated 'look' of their popular viewfinders, but pretty much kept the same quality. If you find the original version of their LCDVF look-alike version, that might be old inventory. Here's the new stuff which they've released to address any design copy issues.

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Glass feels the same, still works great, and the body is of the same weight and aspect ratio. The eyepiece cup has changed a bit as to be slightly different from it's Evil brother, and i'm not sure if it's just me, but the magnets seem to be much stronger against the metal frames. These are the new products, a bit pricier than their first product release, but still nice to see they are cheaper than the big time stuff out there.

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find-price-button New Meike LCD View Finder for 3" DSLR LCD's

19 thoughts on “Meike Changes DSLR LCD ViewFinders

  1. Busted Knuckles

    I purchased a cheap EC2 eyepiece extender and simple put the lupe on the camera, lined it upt and drilled a 1/8th hole through the extender into the loop and screwed it on.

    No glue, no sticky, no MAGNETS near MAGNETIC MEDIA

    Slips on and off and done.

  2. Damian

    Does anyone know where I can get a couple of spare LCD Viewfinder Mounting Frame for a perfect viewfinder? Want to be able to use the same viewfinder on my 5d and 7d. Cheers.

  3. Tony Carretti

    does anyone know where you can get a replacement metal sticky frame for the original meike lcd viewfinder? I'd like to try it on my hx9v to be able to use it in bright sunlight.

  4. One other minor note about the Meike MK-VF100 that I haven't read anywhere, is that it has an absolutely nasty odor. I have a cold right now, both nostrils are plugged, and it's still rank-smelling. I can't imagine what it would smell like if I didn't have a cold. I don't know what kind of funky plastic or chemicals they used, but I hope the stench goes away quickly. P.U.!

  5. I got the red-ring knock-off for my Canon 60D from Amazon today, after reading about it on your blog. It was $79.95 and was shipped by Amazon.

    On my 60D it crops the screen a bit on the left and right. It's not too bad, but it is annoying that it does this considering the frame that's left on there will hide pixels when not using the VF. We'll be using our Manhattan field monitor most of the time, but this is an annoyance of the Meike MK-VF100.

    After reading all the reviews, I can honestly say that it does help when focusing, and is usable with or without my glasses on. The eye cup for the 'older' version fits perfectly around my eye and does allow for sharp focusing. Only problem now is I need a cheap follow-focus that doesn't look stupid, to allow for easy quick focusing.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @shams - Not sure if that's the updated version, but I heard it had some complaints on paint chipping, interior felt peeling off, and weak magnets. They were supposed to have a v2 of that design, not sure if that came out yet.

  7. Vic

    Hey Emm,

    Great vid. Thanks for the post. I was wondering, what view finder would you recommend for the Canon 60D?

  8. It sucks that I have a brand new, unused LCDVF clone (older style) with crop on my T2i.
    Now I see, that they are offering these for the T2i.

  9. Olphus

    Not digging the new flat eyepiece cup.
    On the other hand, the screw-in eyepiece should be able to work as a dioptre as long as one can secure it from moving.

  10. Randy

    The auto focus works quite well on the A55. Would be helpful in run-n-gun documentary style work. Not sure this is the scenario to use it in. I sort of got a headache as it constantly changed focus and hunted for focus. 🙂

  11. Alksion

    I got the older style as well and haven't been happier. I also own an LCDVF and there is virtually no difference at all.

  12. careyd

    Interesting. I got one of the old-style ones last week about 2 weeks after I bought it on eBay. Just tried it tonight. The box was lightly damaged during airmail but I didn't realize til tonight that the soft metal sticky frames were bent in shipment, leading to adhesion problems (on the one I tried). I straightened/flattened it as best I could and it's now sticking on. Hopefully these 'set up' after awhile?

    Mounted it on my 60D, BTW. The negative is now you can't turn the screen inward for protection due to the thickness of the frame.

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