3:2 LCD View Finder for Canon T2i

Finding a decent 3:2 LCD View Finder still seems to be on everyone's list. I've been getting a few emails from Glenn today and he seems to have tracked one down from Meike. Now Meike was the one who released the LCDVF clone model a while back which everyone was pretty much satisfied with. They rubbed some people the wrong the way with it's exact replica design, so they've changed the look since then. Here's the new look and here's one made specifically to fit the LCD of the T2i if anyone else is looking.

find-price-button LCD View Finder for Canon T2i 3:2 Aspect LCD

12 thoughts on “3:2 LCD View Finder for Canon T2i

  1. greenbean

    yup, I second that warning. I actually didnt even take off the sticky tape. I left my zacuto on for a few months, now the lcd glass is slowly coming apart. Thanks for the tip for not super gluing it. Though I'm really hesitant to dish out 150 bucks for a plate to hold it in.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - Yeah that could be a cause too. Things will look very sharp in every frame. Consider using an ND httpss://cheesycam.com/variable-nd-filters-fader-filters/

  3. Matt

    I don;t have an IS lens. I was shooting at higher than 180 degree shutter speed to frame rate. Maybe that caused it.

  4. Emm

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    @Matt - If you are using a lens with IS turned on, panning will be choopy. Its trying to stabilize.

  5. Matt

    Just got mine in. I put it over the top of my LCD protector. Which seemed to work fine but things look choppy when I pan or when there is motion. Does this happen on anyone elses? Im curious if its because of my LCd protector or is it just the way these things work?

  6. I've got a hoodman loup that works really well but the problem is that the eye cup doesnt go out to the one side like the LCDVF does. I know with my Hoodman I can often get light coming on from the right hand side where it doesn't sit flush against my eye. I would love to have an eye cup with that velvet cover from blue star. Maybe i will just have to upgrade my hoodman with the hoodeye.

  7. I guess after the reviews of the advantages of Loupes & stories of LCD VF's falling off, I hope they will make one for the T2i that is an exact fit and doesn't require sticky plates.

  8. Emm

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    @anon - Try the anti fog stuff used for Scuba Diving goggles.. You can find it on Amazon too.

  9. steve

    Just a warning for those using the adhesive strips that come with many viewfinders. If you decide like me that you want to upgrade your viewfinder, be careful when you remove the strip that you don't also pull your lcd glass with it.

    Initially the adhesive strip didn't even hold very well but over time it really got stuck on the canon glass. If you're going to remove the strip, do it carefully or else you'll end up paying canon $250 to put in replacement glass. Oh and by the way, don't try to superglue the canon glass back down into the frame. Its true that the glue will hold, but it will trap vapors in the glass, turning the glass all sorts of fun colors of the rainbow.

  10. anon


    any tips on getting the lcdvf to not fog up.........I literally put my eye up for 5 seconds and its covered in a layer of fog.........

  11. Tom

    I just got one of these last week. Got to say, I'm not too stoked on it, the lcd through this looks somewhat soft. It's actually almost harder to see when something is in sharp focus. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with either of these viewfinders:

    GGS Professional Viewfinder Loupe




    The seagull model looks to be a knockoff of the old zfinder.

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