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False LCDVF Advertisement on Amazon

Ok, I just wanted to point out something over at Amazon that needs some attention to prevent confusion. I don't want anyone getting confused on what they might think is a great deal. I've posted information about the 'LCDVF clone' and made it clear that it is definitely not the real LCDVF. You can find that article here: http://cheesycam.com/evil-little-lcdvf-twin-vs-lcdvf/

Sure quality is great for the cheap price it was sold out to be, I own one myself, but this ad over at Amazon looks quite suspicious. To me it looks like they purposely hid the box, and name of the product, and is hoping people will purchase the item with the intent that it is indeed the real LCDVF, while in fact it isn't. The MEIKE brand of the clone is labeled clearly on the box and on the pouch, but all images on this Amazon ad appears to be intentionally hiding that information. Whether you buy the real deal or not, that's totally up to you and your business, but I just wanted to point out to those looking to buy the REAL LCDVF, stay clear from this product advertisement: LCDVF LCD Viewfinder for Canon 5D,5D MarkII, 7D, Nikon Digital SLR Cameras by Cowboystudio

False Ad on Amazon

Hey, you might be thinking i'm a bit harsh on calling them out on this and sure they aren't blatantly stating it's the real deal. Now take a second to check out their eBay auction, and you'll see they are listing the same 'LCDVF Clone' and are hiding any reference to the Meike brand. One image is even using the actual LCDVF product with LCDVF logo stamped on the side! Yeah, that's going a bit too far with the trickery to make a sale...

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If you're looking for the real deal LCDVF viewfinder, that can be found here: The Real LCDVF DSLR View Finder


BlueStar-Eyepiece (2)

BlueStar Eyecushion upgrades for your view finder loupes are definitely high quality stuff for an inexpensive price. I just received two in this morning, in colors Red and in Tan, with a Microfiber finish. If you're looking for the type to fit onto the LCDVF or LCDVF clone perfectly, you'll want to go with the Oval Small and the Microfiber version was the original one that shipped with the LCDVF. Other types of finish offered by BlueStar Viewfinder Eyecushion's are available in Cotton and Fleece. There are also a ton of colors available too. A definite must have for a more comfortable fit for these ViewFinder loupes. These guys know their stuff, and if you're looking for a perfect fit on any type of camera, give them a holla over at https://www.bluestarproducts.ca/ with your questions.

Reminder that these LCD viewfinder loupes aren't just for videographers. These LCD viewfinder loupes are perfect for outdoor photographers who have to fight the bright daylight when reviewing their LCD for proper exposure and focus. I've noticed the prices already going up on these uber cheap LCD Viewfinders from my earlier posts, and there's still talk of discontinuation due to possible infringment issues.

Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com
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