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I'm sure everyone is aware of 3-Axis Gimbal Video Camera Stabilizers surfacing on the Internet. Some people think this is going to be the future of hand held stabilization in cinema. There are literally dozens of versions available today, and here's one of the inexpensive versions that was sent over to me - the CAME 5000.

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This article is truly my first impressions on the CAME 5000 product, so keep in mind I am by no means an expert in this area. If you are just now looking into these types of stabilizers, hopefully this review should appeal to many of you who are also not experts. First let's take a look at a demo video about the CAME 5000 Stabilizer from the company.

Notice that with fast movements the camera stays pretty level, but with slower movements the camera will 'follow' the direction of Pan/Tilt. This area of operation does require a bit of practice steering the camera in different directions. Now lets take a look at what I was able to achieve with my first tests in this 15 minute video overview (below).

No matter how expensive other systems are, my impressions are that these gimbals are not as simple as they have been advertised to be. Like any other tool it can yield great results or look totally amateurish. It still boils down to skill and experience. Practice and and patience to perfectly balance your camera. Swapping out to another lens on this type of system will take several minutes to re-balance.

Ok, so from the examples I shot as a first time user, I think the unit seems to work pretty well with a Panasonic GH3 camera. The footage has not been stabilized in post, and it seemed to stay pretty level as I rolled the handles around. They state this CAME 5000 model can easily support larger Canon 5D (or similar) DSLR Camera Bodies.

Can this particular system perform even better than my examples? Considering my inexperience and lack of patience to perfectly balance my camera, I think there is definitely plenty of room for improved footage. How much better, I can't really say. Only time will tell as I continue to practice more and hopefully work with many other 3-Axis Gimbals. I'll be revisiting this again shortly as I think I figured out how to better balance my camera...

Further info on the CAME 5000 3-Axis Gimbal can be found at CAME-TV.com
CAME 6000 Stabilizer 3 Axis Gimbal CAME 6000 Stabilizer Gimbal
find-price-button CAME 5000 3-Axis Brushless Motor Gimbal Stabilizer


Talking about new stuff and pre-orders, looks like Fuji is not giving up on their Real 3D line of digital cameras. The (soon to be available) new W3 will be offering 720HD video shot with nicely spaced dual lenses for that Sterescopic setup. Looks like a fun camera, and would be quite interesting to see the 3D effect when playing back on a big screen.


YouTube does support 3D playback in a variety of different ways including the cross-eyed method if you don't have a pair of Blue and Red Captain EO glasses. This new HD video model has been redesigned and still photos will also have an option for fancy 3D Prints. I'm on the look out for any videos that will be posted onto YouTube or Vimeo and i'm curious to see if we'll be able to enjoy it on the Internet with those funky glasses.

If you're wondering if this is already possible with DSLR's, I posted an article a while back about some different 3D options for DSLR's found here.

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Tamron is really throwing their name around with the new lineup of VC lenses. The above video is one of the tutorials found at the Tamron Youtube channel. I actually own the same lens shown in this video (if that's the 18-270mm), and have to admit it's one of my most favorite travel lenses. The VC I can vouch for, works awesome, and works well for video too. You won't get the super sharpness of a prime and the focus ring is a bit noisy and stiff, but Tamron is doing a great job with their pricing too. Check out the Tamron YouTube channel for other great DSLR tips.


Ok, I might be late posting this, i'm sure most of you have already watched this. I just wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to see this really amazing Video for a Wedding trailer. Shot by Roberto Balasko, this is not your teary eyed, slow jam, heart-felt wedding video. This one pumps out sounds and scenes more like an action thriller. According to the details there are (2) Two Canon 5D Mark II's, a Canon 7D, and EX1. Other equipment name drops include, Glidetrack, Mini Crane, Shoulder Mount, & Follow Focus. Great job on this one I Really really liked this. Follow his link to find more information, Use the icons below to Tweet, FB, and Digg.

Toyota has been under fire with all the acceleration problems, but I think people will soon forget those past issues after watching some of their new marketing videos. The most popular of the bunch so far is the Swagger Wagon family rap video. Other funny commercials can be seen on their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Sienna


Not too happy with the Fluid Head that comes attached with this $99.00 dollar slider from IndiSystems, but the rail and carrier work pretty well. It looks thicker than other Camera Slider rails out there, but it's actually hollow and very lightweight. This 2 foot version of a silder is easier for my type of workflow compared to the 4 ft. slider I show in this video. This $99 dollar video camera slider mounts well directly to the Tripod or to a Quick release plate.

I had to drill out the old fluid head mount (plastic) and make room for a 1/4 x 20 flat headed screw. I wanted to keep it at 1/4 x 20 so I still have the option of mounting a camera directly to the carrier plate. In order to mount the Bogen 701HDV Fluid head, 1/4 to 3/8 adapter like this one. I don't do a whole bunch of sliding, but now maybe I will since this is a lighter and smaller version compared to the other Igus Rail. This is the mini slider from https://indisystem.com/products/indislider_mini

You can also get the same slider for a bit more here:

Did I mention I got my new 100mm Macro IS USM lens in also?? It's awesome...Here's a few samples below I took outside in the parking lot.
100mm Macro IS USM Canon Lens

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So i'm getting calls from all the non-techies in the family asking me about 3D televisions. I guess Samsung made their big announcement to be the first LCD with the guts to display real time 3D Video (with the glasses of course), and now everyone wants the latest gadgets. Well DIY 3D photographers or videographers is nothing new. There's plenty of tutorials on setting up two cameras side by side a few inches apart to get that 'stereoscopic' view. Even YouTube is hosting tons of 3D Videos online made from DIY'ers.

If you're a one camera kinda person, you can probably get away with some of the special Stereoscopic lenses designed for DSLR's. They've been around for a while and normally it was used for photographs, but times are changing and DSLR's can now shoot video. Should be a fun thing to look into as a project. You can grab a DSLR 3D Lens cap for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Minolta here.


Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

DLSR's are great with low light settings, but when possible, it's best to light your subject and bring that ISO noise down. LED lighting is now becoming mainstream with DSLR HD video cameras since it's lightweight and lasts longer. Problems are LED + Cameras = High Markup costs.

When searching for my LED Video Light, I had a few requirements. Broad diffusion, daylight temperature, tungsten filter, uses batteries that can be replaced, and most important DIMMABLE! I'm not a fan of rechargeable LED lights, because when you need it most, there's nothing you can do. With replacement batteries, you can quickly swap out batteries and keep shooting. You want to get an LED video light that is also Dimmable so you can keep it from blowing out your exposure.

After searching around for and LED light that has all of these features, now we're talking hundreds of dollars. Luckily, after searching around the web, YouTube brought me to the video above. Wow!! All the features that are most important for an LED light and under $70 dollars!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:: New update information for cheaper LED lights & faster Shipping!

This little guy rocks! Don't believe me? Check out some of the videos below. At only 6 ounces and smaller than a Mini-DV tape, this little HD video camera + 5 Megapixel Still camera is fun fun fun. Waterproof up to 180 Feet! Yes, take it under water, mount it outside your car, attach it to your dirtbike, or take it skiing. It's even got it's own built in Timelapse. This totally opens up some new ideas for me. There is so much you want to do with this camera, that you wouldn't dare try with your DSLR.

All these features for approx $260. Grab one! or Two! or Three!

You have got to watch the video....