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Camera manufactures like Canon seem to have new camera models every few months. As we grow into our hobbies, there are times where we may outgrow our cameras and need to upgrade, or maybe purchase a new camera. If selling off your old camera is part of your plan to afford something else, there's a few tricks i've learned to keep your resale value up. First, keep the boxes, software, and manuals. You might think this isn't important stuff because you're a seasoned veteran, but the next guy who wants your gently used camera, will find it handy. It also shows that you really care enough about your gear to keep these things in OEM condition.

Most important thing i've learned? Camera bodies will have scuff, scratches, and wear marks. Most people are fine with that. The one thing that can really make or break a sale are LCD screens. They might function perfectly, but if there's a slight scratch on it, the buying market might look for other options. The first thing I always do is purchase some of those Generic screen protectors used mainly on Mobile devices like iPhones and stuff. I cover the top LCD and the back LCD to prevent any scratches. When it's time to sell a camera, pull off the screen protector, and you'll get better response from a buyer if the LCD looks completely un-scratched. Available for pretty much any camera model you can think of, you'll find these products through the links below.

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You can find them for sale as low as $0.01 + Free shipping, found here. You'll need to cut a little to get that perfect fit. No, that's not a Typo. I've actually won several auctions for 0.01 Cents (1 penny) + free shipping. It's most likely coming from overseas, so you'll need to be patient though. Hey you can't complain for 1 penny.

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If you're willing to dish out $5.00 - $15.00 dollars, you can get the fancy Glass LCD screen protectors which is much more durable than a sheet of plastic, found here. Hey this one even says 550D on it, perfect for that T2i!


Well, my $5.00 dollar camera suction cup tripod mount mount came in today. Can't wait to test this baby out with my GoPro HD Sports Camera. So far mounting it to odd things in the office, it seems very sturdy! It actually held up my Canon 7D + Tamron 18-270mm Image Stabilized lens (Not that i'd try that setup hanging off my windshield).

Camera Saving Tip #1:
The first test everyone should do when buying a Suction Cup Camera Mount is to mount something in similar weight and size (not your camera!) and drive it around hard to see if it holds on well. Once you feel your product is up to par, then go for the real deal. I'm thinking Can Of Soda is larger, heavier, and not as wind resistant than the GoPro HD Sports Camera. If that don't fall off, i'm in the clear.

You can find the $5.00 Camera Suction Cup mount here.

This little guy rocks! Don't believe me? Check out some of the videos below. At only 6 ounces and smaller than a Mini-DV tape, this little HD video camera + 5 Megapixel Still camera is fun fun fun. Waterproof up to 180 Feet! Yes, take it under water, mount it outside your car, attach it to your dirtbike, or take it skiing. It's even got it's own built in Timelapse. This totally opens up some new ideas for me. There is so much you want to do with this camera, that you wouldn't dare try with your DSLR.

All these features for approx $260. Grab one! or Two! or Three!

You have got to watch the video....


Probably the best rail for a DIY slider, I believe this would be the same as a Glidetrack, is the Linear Guide rail from Igus. Normally used for Robotics, these precision machined aluminum rails use Dry bearings to slide. No greasy bearings. A.K.A. ZaZa slider, you can find more information here https://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?t=145701

After reading a few threads and checking out the ZaZa slider group over at Vimeo.com, I decided to build my own. This post is really late because I had already ordered this item about half a year ago, but finally decided to finish it with a Fluid Head. It pretty much just sat waiting for this last piece. It's a work in progress, i'll probably change from one Tripod to 2 (1 each side) for more stability. I'll use Quick Release plates on each end to break it down faster. Oh well, here's my first run.

[Update] After the popularity of this DIY Project, the company IGUS now sells the complete kit and some predrilled. Here's the link to grab possibly the cheapest high quality DSLR Video Camera slider: Igus DIY Slider Kits

find-price-button Igus DIY Slider Kits


These videos are related to a Hybrid Steadicam (Merlin) Vest + Glidecam HD 4000 video camera stabilizer. I had to create a DIY adapter to 'mate' the two different systems together, but very happy so far with the results.

First video is what it sorta looks like (to date).

Second Video shows the DIY adapter up close (and very personal).

Third Video shows some sample use of the rig (at home).

Video #2 was shot with my 7D + Tamron 18-270 (fun cheap lens).

Thanks for the questions and comments BTW, I'm glad people find some of the random stuff I do useful.

Question: Why not just get the Glidecam Vest?
Answer: I have already owned the Steadicam Vest + Merlin, and the vest works awesome. Very light, slim, easy to put on, and allows me to get through narrow doors. It's a 'beast' and other than getting the two to mate, there is absolutely no reason the vest COULD NOT fly this Glidecam.

AND!!!! The Steadicam dual arm Vest is way cheaper than the price of the Glidecam dual arm vest. This Hybrid configuration will save you big bucks and works awesome.

Steadicam + Merlin = 2300?
Glidecam X-10 Vest + 4000 Pro = 2300?

I'm using the Steadicam Merlin Vest + Glidecam HD4000.
Canon 5D Mark II, Battery Grip, Samson Zoom H4n Portable Recorder, and Rode VideoMic. I'm planning on mounting a shoulder rig with quick release for everything on top, and possible LCD monitor at the bottom. It feels like this vest config can hold alot more than it does today. ""UPDATE. I got an awesome monitor, check it out"""