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HDSLRNOW.com shares this simple tip to provide shelter from the rain by using a small sheet of specialty waterproof Gore-Tex fabric and a few rubber bands to hold in place. I'm sure you can get lucky with a plastic bag, but Gore-tex is very light weight very durable type of fabric that can take a good amount of use. Not a bad thing to have in the bag when you're working outdoors. You can find this same Gore-Tex material via eBay (click here)

Gore-tex fabric camera jacket
find-price-button Gore-Tex WindProof WaterProof Nylon Fabric


Summer is no doubt just around the corner, and you'll probably find yourself in some type of water situation whether it be pool side or ocean beach. It's a bit expensive trying to dive down with your DSLR's, so it might be smart to just grab a cheaper Point and Shoot. The guys over at DigitalREV.com do a review on a couple of waterproof camera options you might already be thinking about. Too bad they didn't actually take 'under water' photos or videos, but i'll let them slide considering they had an actual Bikini model to keep the review interesting.

Here's some of the Cameras they review:


I'm still waiting to dive into the new Pen Camera which has much more improved photography and videography features over the original E-P1 and E-P2. I don't like the fact that the body has changed so much though. I was really fond of the nostalgic old school look with the leather cover.

This was interesting to me to find Olympus right away supporting their new E-PL1 with an OEM waterproof housing case. I'm not sure how much of underwater experience Olympus has, but there is a bit of security knowing it's all made to work perfectly and designed exactly for their own products. You can find the Olympus waterproof housing Available here at BHPHotoVideo.com.



Wow, awesome stuff here by NauticamUSA.com. Yeah first time i've heard about them too! Maybe because I was never crazy enough to take my gear underwater. The rig looks pretty sick and they've got something for the Canon 7D as well. I believe there is a Nikon D90 in there too, but who cares. JK Nikonians!! (sorta). Hopefully they'll be flattered that i've 'borrowed' a few images from their galleries to showcase it to you to guys. Hey it's free advertising Nauticam, now if only I can get one to review...hint hint nudge nudge. You can find way more cool photos of these rigs in the water, cool video samples, plus other housings at their website https://nauticamusa.com

These things look soo cool, i'd run around with them 'out of water'!

This little guy rocks! Don't believe me? Check out some of the videos below. At only 6 ounces and smaller than a Mini-DV tape, this little HD video camera + 5 Megapixel Still camera is fun fun fun. Waterproof up to 180 Feet! Yes, take it under water, mount it outside your car, attach it to your dirtbike, or take it skiing. It's even got it's own built in Timelapse. This totally opens up some new ideas for me. There is so much you want to do with this camera, that you wouldn't dare try with your DSLR.

All these features for approx $260. Grab one! or Two! or Three!

You have got to watch the video....