ViewFinders for Canon 5D Mark III?

In bright daylight, it's difficult to focus and set exposure on a bare LCD. Sometimes a quick LCD View Finder attached to the back of the camera is all you need (no batteries required). I still find an LCD View Finder a valuable tool to have, but haven't seen many options available for the Canon 5D Mark III. Just curious as to what LCD View Finders people are using on the back of their Canon 5D Mark III? Comments below...

[Update] All great options suggested in the comments, thanks everyone. I've just added a new Article about another LCD View Finder product found here:

15 thoughts on “ViewFinders for Canon 5D Mark III?

  1. Chris

    Steve, does the Seagull viewfinder cut any off the screen? I was wondering how they use a 3inch work with 3.2inch.

  2. sluggsy

    @Zane - the GGS Perfect viewfinder is for 3' screens.
    How does that work on the 3.2" screen that the Mk3 has?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Zane - Take a look at this new one with Arca Swiss in it's own baseplate: httpss://

    If you have a specific Arca Swiss plate, it can probably still fit under the view finder baseplate.

  4. I use the Perfect Viewfinder by GGS. I still prefer sticky frames because I have a special use for my arca swiss plate and I prefer to keep it on all the time.

    The GGS viewfinder comes with a sticky frame that has a screen protector but I prefer not to have an additional layer, so I broke the protector and removed it. Although not as solid and well built, it is able to flip upwards to be used as a sunhood. And it has diopter as well. So it was a good value for me. Easy to pop in and out, unlike the Swivi one that requires a lot of adjustment and fiddling, which I wouldnt recommend for run and gun shooters (everyone has their own system of QR plates so it's troublesome and also adds weight if you were to mount another QR on top of the existing plate etc).

  5. Eyan

    I've been using one of those cheap Hoodeye viewfinders (on my 60D) for way too long. I have a frame attached to my lcd screen - also I have an additional frame attached to a carry speed mount frame

    This is attached to a small 7" magic arm which is clamped onto a 15mm rail.
    This way I have total articulation with the flip out screen with a firm placement for my viewfinder - So no more floppy viewfinder!
    But now I'm waiting on Emm to release the P&C viewfinder!

  6. I don't have a MKIII but I can say that once I'd been spoiled with focus peaking, I couldn't go back. My Z-Finder sits idle and I put my SmallHD DP4-EVF on my 7D. I'd do the same with any Canon DSLR.

  7. I'm using the Carryspeed $16 one.

    It's amazing for the price, comparatively. It does have it's issues though.

    It fogs up a lot while using it. But that could be solved with a fabric eye cup instead of the rubber one.

    And the magnets will eventually separate from the viewfinder. A little super glue and we are back.

    Also the adhesive on the metal frame doesn't hold up well to summer heat or heat from running the LCD all day. I bought a plastic eye-piece lcd protector and glued the metal frame to it.

  8. Hey Emm.
    I rented the MKIII recently and found that the V4 viewfinders on ebay (16:9 for NEX) can cover the image when the 5diii is in video mode.
    in stills, the top and bottom are cropped.
    if using a sticky screen the top and bottom will be always cropped which is not great if you want to shoot stills.

    I tried a DIY solution which was to use the non-sticky frame and connect to it using the pico arm since the frame won't screw to the bottom of the camera itself due to the size of the camera.
    i hope that makes sense.
    Be sure to add some tape to the side of the frame that touches the camera to avoid scratching.

    It was actually pretty sturdy but a bit too long to set up for my personal use. for now I may just use a little DIY screen hood.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Andy I

    I'm using my trusty Zacuto Z-finder with the Gorilla Plate. Just had to buy the mounting frame for a 3.2" screen instead of the old 3" frame.

  10. Steven

    I use the Carry Speed V-Finder on my T2i, but am ready for that new LCD Viewfinder you teased the other day. I don't wanna use a magnet on my T2i because of the screen protector I put on the screen. The magnetic frame pulled my 1st screen protector off within the 1st day. Hopefully the one you teased plays nicely with sticky screen protectors.

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