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If you've used one before, you'll know how important a simple LCD View Finder is when shooting DSLR Video outdoors on a bright sunny day. Or how an LCD View Finder can add additional stability as another point of contact during hand held shooting. For cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III, there aren't many options. For under $30 dollars you'll find the the cheaper magnetic stick on types and for over $230 dollars you'll find one or two other great options. Here's a new LCD View Finder available at Carry Speed at an introductory price of just $120 dollars

IMG_8854_1024x1024Carry Speed LCD View Finder Swivi

Fits on most DSLR cameras with a 3" LCD, but from corner to corner it's actually 3.11" inches, so it's almost perfect on cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III. The brackets are designed to adjust for a variety of different cameras, something shooters will appreciate if you own more than one model (Nikon, Canon, Sony).

D7000 Nikon Carry Speed View FinderD7000 Grip Carry Speed View Finder
(Above) Perfect fit on a Nikon D7000 with or without OEM Battery Grip!

(Above video) Fits perfectly on Canon T4i / 650D with or without Battery Grip.

Canon T4i Door
Without the battery grip, you can still access the Battery Door on a Canon T4i.

The new Carry Speed View Finder can flip up to be used as a quick sunshade, and locks in place when closed. There's a built in diopter, build in lens cap, and attaches to the camera through a quick release base plate system.


Very solid mount to the camera, yet easy to unlock and remove entirely. The base plate is Arca Swiss designed to attach to most Arca Swiss tripods, and has a few 1/4-20 threads for mounting other QR plates. Find out more about the LCD View Finder at the product page (here).

Carry Speed Swivi LCD View Finder
find-price-button Carry Speed LCD View Finder

136 thoughts on “New Gear – Swivi LCD View Finder

  1. MB

    I just got one of these and though impressed overall, the diopter is ridiculously loose, i mean just gravity alone will cause it to turn. If i point the viewfinder up, the diopter unscrews, down, it screws the other way. Crazy.
    Anyone else have the same experience?

  2. John

    Is there pictures online i can see with the Canon 5D Mark III? Can I express order one to arrive to Guam before this weekend?

  3. I've been using this on a D7000 and it's a good fit; you can access the buttons decently on the camera back. Entire LCD is visible.

    However, there's one glaring, major fail: when you attach a QR plate to the bottom, your camera is now 15mm off-center... try lining it up with a matte box. You'll need a DSLR baseplate with left-right adjustability.

  4. Kim

    Sorry forget to share this too:

    My Carry Speed VF-3 did come in different color then video/pictures showed.. My diopeter ring did not come in grey! It did come in a red color..
    Dont know what up with that.. Anyway it does match my Rokinon 35mm red ring, in a suitable way.. I like it..

    And Emm, thnx for the review. Was your vf-3 a beta maybe?

  5. Kim

    Got mine vf-3 last week. I live in Sweden and I got my carry speed vf-3 after 7 days shipped from Shanghai, Great!!

    Very well made viewfinder for a great price. I use it on my Canon 60D without any batterygrip and it fits perfectly!

    I dont need that diopeter thing so I could live without it...
    The construction on it is very loose. To easy to turn it. As written above, it does crop the viewfinder in corners in a circular way.. Very bad constructed and not very well though about..
    The shutter does not close properly when closing it to the viewfinder... Still some opening for the sun to hit...

    Im litte afraid the screws will loose the color after a while, the screws has no weight in them at all, feels like they are made of cotton..

    For the price.. A real bargain.. Just $10 for internationall shipping..

  6. mark fraunhofer

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know, my friend bought this loupe for her 5D3 and we have been working together on a shoot where I used my 5D2 with this one if you search ebay for "PROAIM View finder eyepiece" 2 come up as of now, and I also went to B and H a while ago where we compared the PROAIM with a bunch of different loupes and guess what, PROAIM beats them all, sure I love this one here with it's flexibility but it has some major flaws like not being wide enough for eample, I mean how the heck do you design and manufacture the thing and it's not wide enough to cover the whole screen on 5D3? I don't get that... we compared it with the acuto loupe with which the PROAIM is almost identical and the PROAIM is better, that's the opinion of a few B and H guys from the counter not just mine.

  7. I received the VF-3 SWIVI three days ago and have made several test videos using it with my Canon 5D Mark III. Between the 3x magnification of VF-3 and the magnify support on the camera, pulling manual focus is now quite simple.

    Every aspect of the VF-3 is well conceived and well-made. The LCD is clear, it fits snug on my camera, it's easy to adjust, and the eyepiece is comfortable.

  8. I received this the other day to fit onto my 60d. I do like that it's a solid build, and the flippy thingy is pretty cool when you need to see the lcd screen without taking it off. However......I absolutely HATE the diopeter thing!! It creates a rather annoying vignette when viewing through the eye piece. I now have to physically move my position to see the upper right corner of the screen to see if I'm recording or not. With the older Carry Speed viewfinder that used magnets, I was able to see the whole LCD screen. I would be an extremely happy camper if Carry Speed created a Mark 2 version WITHOUT the diopeter.

  9. Paul Abrahams

    I picked up the SWIVI a few weeks ago for my 60D & it fits perfect on the LCD. The bracket has a good range of movement which should accomodate battery grips. The bottom plate has 3 threaded holes for mounting direct to equipment but attaching a QR system will next for me.

    The diopter works well for my eyesight & the open/close shutter is a nice touch to protect the eye piece glass/plastic. I find the rubber eye cup a little stiff & uncomfortable & will be looking for a foam insert or replacement.

    Any ideas?

    This is quality gear for under $200.

  10. Kam

    Emm, great product BTW!

    Lot of people are interested in how it looks on Nikon D600 & D800 as two of the leading cameras from Nikon.

    Can you please take some picture or make a short video with these two Cameras? I believe that would help a lot to many users and you will see a good rise in sale as nobody has made this video on internet yet!! so be the first 🙂

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Kirk Stromberg - Yes, it will fit over the LCD but the buttons on the left side are slightly obstructed. You can still access this if your fingers aren't very big, or just slide the VF back with it's QR plate.

  12. Kirk Stromberg

    Emm, Have you tried the Viewfinder with a Nikon D600 yet? If not can you do so soon. Thanks

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Ben - It will work with the extension adapters, but you won't be able to use a battery grip (on a larger camera) or another quick release plate.

  14. Ben

    I saw this same question asked above but not sure it was answered. Will this work with the new P&C gearbox? Just worried there won't be enough room from top to bottom with the plate of the View Finder.


  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Dick Nastee - Your first question was about a Follow Focus, but you seem to want to do this all day. You really want to get into high end Matte Boxes now? Look carefully on this video at 1:02

    The mounting platform can be dialed in left or right. So again, sorry but you're wrong and it's all possible..
    Just for kicks, here's another uber cheap mounting plate to perform left / right alignments: Video Rig 15mm Camera Mounting Platform

    So they exist, just need to look instead of assume.

  16. Dick Nastee

    Emm, can you show me a pic with the Swivi on a rail system with a centered Matte Box? Yes it may work, but not with a Matte Box.. Prove me wrong

  17. Dick Nastee

    Perhaps. But please explain/show how it works with a rail system. The Swivi base plate screws into the camera base which is centered with the lens. The holes to fix the Swivi to the Rail system Base plate are off set so now the lens is off set. It doesn't align with the centered Matte Box. Also, the width of the Base plate prevents the follow focus from getting close enough to the lens to function properly.

    Any ideas?

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Dick Nastee - This will work with a rail setup, shoulder rig, and follow focus. FF systems for DSLRs are adjustable.

  19. Dick Nastee

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this setup, as is, cannot be used on a shoulder rig. The base plate doesn't allow the camera lens to be centered in the rail system, and the width of the base plate prevents use of the follow focus. Which viewfinders, with base plates are designed for railed shoulder rigs?

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - Thanks for the input. The ON/OFF switch obstruction on the 5D Mark II was noted in the video, but that's about the only issue on the Mark II. I've been able to work around it since I rarely have to power down my camera once I get started shooting.

  21. Hola... so, I got this in the mail today. It arrived quickly and shipped in a very small box. Immediately I noticed its quality construction. I like so many things about this and only there's really only 1 thing I don't... which is because I have it on a 5D mark II, so, here's my Pro & Con list (vs. the Z-Finder I've been borrowing from a friend for about 3-months):

    - VERY high quality construction (in my opinion, as good, if not slightly better than the Zacuto)
    - Well thought out design (in my opinion, better than the Zacuto)
    - Firmer, more substantial eye-cup, which is great for having a more stable 3rd point of stability (my face) when going hand-held
    - More recessed lens, so unlike with the Z-Finder where I sometimes put a greasy eye print on the lens, with this finder, that won't happen
    - Flip-up option. With the Z-Finder, your options are either "on" or "off." Flipping-up is a great feature. Hinge feels firm and of good quality. (It would be nice to have a user-tightenable screw/bolt/allen-screw in case the hinge ever loosens)
    - Built-in iris for closing off from accidental sunshine melting the camera's LCD (the Z-Finder has a damn little cap that flops around on a string). Just flip the switch back-n-forth and the iris opens & closes
    - Better mounting mechanism (in my opinion)... because it's low-profile AND does NOT include the LCD frame. Instead of clipping onto a frame (like the Z-Finder), this one simply slides into the mount, screw-locks, and then slides out by loosening the same thumb-twist screw lock. VERY COOL.
    - Mounting frame is on the finder, so when it's not on your camera, there is NO frame on your LCD... GREAT!!
    - NO knocking it off... unlike with the Z-Finder which only clips on with friction, this finder won't just bump off during a shoot.

    - Width - this thing is very adjustable, both horizontally and vertically; however, with the vertical adjustment screws & rails being on the outside of the finder, the extra width makes it tough to access the buttons on the left of my 5D mark II and REALLY tough to work the on/off switch. I ended up cheating the finder all the way to the left, which mostly obstructs the info/play/trash buttons (but you can still press them) and kinda opens up enough room to access the on/off switch. BUT if you have big meaty thumbs/fingers... then GOOD luck. You're gonna be the guy unhappy about releasing the finder to turn on/off.

    - In my opinion, that is the only real "con" to this viewfinder... especially compared to the Z-Finder.

    - The optics are fine for me... but I know what people are talking about regarding the vignetting

    - As far as I'm concerned, even if this and the Z-Finder were priced identically, I'd still purchase this one... so, that says a lot. I ordered it a few days ago for only $120 and for that price, it is pure bliss. It's still even well-worth the "original price" of $180. Like I said, except for not fitting my 5D mark II perfectly, I feel it's a superior product to the Z-Finder... and that's without price even being a factor.

    Enjoy and happy filming. Thanks Emm for this GREAT blog. Much appreciated!!


  22. Steve

    I just picked one of these up myself and really like this. Selling the other 2 that I have and using this from now on. This in my opinion is much better than the Zacuto finder. My buddy has that one and when you look through it you see way to many pixels on the LCD. Also the Zacuto only snaps on tot he frame so you can still knock it off. With the Swivi its locked in and will not come off but still has the quick release which is nice. I really like the lens hood built in nice touch there. I will be doing a review on this myself soon after I have used it a bit. This is all medal and not plastic like all the other LCD finders out there. Get one you will love it.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Magikman53 - Yes, I was able to test this early on and verified it did not work with the GH2. Seems like this is a popular camera that people want a viewfinder for.

  24. Does not work with the GH2. I purchased the Swivi without digging deep into compatible cameras. It is just a little too tall or short, however you want to look at it. There has to be a fix, but I havent figured one out yet.

  25. KDune

    Well built, but one issue that diminishes an otherwise very good deal.
    - As mentioned in the last comment, the Optics are distorted and, especially with diopter correction used (I need it all the way to max) corners of the display vanish completely, view becomes circular, still vey good for pulling focus, but not for composition and bit distracting.
    - Also the construction is indeed quite wide, the way its mounted, so access to control keys left of screen on my 5D II is a bit constrained, still accessible though. As mentioned on this site's video review, the on/off switch of the 5D II becomes very hard to reach.
    - If the Optics would show the entire screen (even with distortion) this would be a no brainer. In all fairness though, the price of this viewer warrants some compromise in construction.

  26. Tai-Stik

    Thanks for the comment Emm.

    After three hours of Jerry rigging, I actually managed to get it to fit. I had to attach the sliding clip to the bottom of the u-bar (screws on top instead of bottom). The u-bar is mounted with the longer edge of the vertical lip facing out. Next I added a rubber pad to lower the baseplate just a mm or so. Doing all of this got the u-bar/loupe within 3mm of the screen without jamming into the grip. Screwing in the q-release plate also moved the loupe op and further away from the screen (due to the pin pushing the trapezoidal sliding plate up) so I compensated by bending the sliding clip, and voila, it fits rather well and I'm received to retire my sticky frame.

    That said, the optics are not on par with my ancient lcdvf as the corners are cropped from the rather narrow opening at the front, and there's also considerable distortion which sucks. All in all, it's still better than the flimsy sticky frames now that at least it's fitting my 7D with battery grip and won't pop off every time someone picks up the camera.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Tai- Stik - Thanks for the information, I could have answered that question about the 5D2 / 5D3 with Grip before your purchase to save you some time. Those are much larger cameras than the T2i or 60D.

  28. Tai-Stik

    Mine just arrived tonight. Warning: It will NOT FIT on a 7D with battery grip, and therefore probably not fit the 5D2/3 with battery grips. I'm super bummed and have tried every combination of adjustments I can think of. That aside, the aluminum construction and optics appear nice but mine also has a huge plastic shaving in the optical area that you cannot access. There are 4x screws that might allow it to be cleaned put, but I have to decide of I'm going to keep it first. Wish the battery grip issue was published :/

  29. Shimizu

    So I don't know if this has been asked yet or not, but how does it do with fogging up? I know with the cheaper ones I've used, the fogging up happens quite often. Would I need to purchase some sort of anti-fogging liquid to it to keep it from doing so?

  30. Steven

    Mine showed up today and I'm thrilled! It takes a few minutes to adjust and align everything up, but once you set it up, you're solid from there on out. The only thing that bugs me is that the diopter (when turned enough) kind of gives you a vignette effect when looking through the viewfinder. I don't require glasses or have any sort of eyesight problems, so I'm not sure where I should set the diopter. Any advice on this Emm? Other than that, I'm stoked that this product is priced very well and built very well.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - Thanks for the feedback. Awesome to hear it works with 60D with and without Battery Grip. I didn't get to try this. Any chance you can snap a few photos? Thanks.

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  33. Rob S.

    Just got mine in the mail and I gotta say that it's phenomenal. It's the best viewfinder I've owned and I've owned quite a few. Amazing deal for the money since most other companies charge for the riser and quick release. It works with 60D and battery grip or without. Totally adjustable for many cameras. It's even got a built in iris to protect the lens. Outstanding!

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @impoze - It sold out in the first 24 hours after this article. More inventory expected soon, and to get notified when it's back in stock, register with that newsletter.

  35. impoze

    is it sold out now?

    This Product is either Not Available or Sold Out. To be notified when the product is available, please register with our Carry Speed Newsletter

  36. TainBrain

    Thanks, Emm - I signed up for the newsletter and looking forward to future products and promotions. Top notch, stuff!

  37. Thank you for finding out thats great cant wait until they have them back in stock. Now they just need to do a bask plate that also has the support peice for their slings.

    side note You guys have the best products on the P&C site. Everything I have ordered has been perfect great quality.

  38. Emm

    Post author

    @TainBrain - No promises, but if prices go up, i'm sure there will be discount codes (coupon codes) to knock that price back down. Those are sent through the Carry Speed Newsletters.

  39. TainBrain

    Hey Emm -

    Thanks for all the effort and amazing answering of questions. Amazing service and you and CarrySpeed deserve even more success than it appears you're already experiencing with this piece and all the other stuff between this and P & C.

    The big question is... MORE coming at the intro price?

    Waiting with credit card in hand... 😉 Thanks for all you do.

  40. Rob S.

    It's funny that these manufacturers always seem to underestimate the Cheesycam effect and how many people end up buying the stuff.

  41. mad

    thanks emm

    @joel, that's exactly what i was thinking after reading emms reply... wait a minute... do you work for swivi?! >:[

    syke lol


  42. Joel

    @mad ~ you need both, no doubt. However, I find that about 90% of the time an LCD VF is what I use -- for the reasons Emm mentioned.

    My suggestion is keep the DP4 and spring for the Swivi LCD VF. The DP4 is a quality piece of gear and will out last and out perform a cheap 7" monitor.

    And the Swivi is a great deal for the list price ... an absolute steal for the intro price.

  43. Bart

    I would use it on my jib during bright sunlight so I could pre focus better with the second finder flipped up and I was using it as a sunshade. I am going to order one.

  44. I type the wrong information in yesterday.

    I know they are out of stock now but I still want to buy some when they come back in stock did you find out if the quick plate covers the battery door on the T4i?

    sorry to be such a pest about it. BTW you have the best site!!!

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @rick olivier - The diopter is +-3. The 1:1 standard mode is suggesting that you lift the viewfinder up, and just use it as a normal sunshade (no magnification).

  46. Yes, website says "product not available".

    re: diopter

    Carryspeed says: "Yes, you can swift switch between 3X magnification mode and 1:1 standard mode."

    Which I don't think answers my question to them: "Can you adjust the diopter up to +2 or +3?"

    Isn't the magnification rate different from an adjustable diopter, like in the viewfinder of my 5D?

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - I believe until this weekend, but since it will probably be sold out today that may be extended.

  48. Emm

    Post author

    @mad - Hmm. I think you'll find situations where an external monitor works better than an attached view finder, and some situations where the viewfinder is just easier to work with if you're very mobile. Eventually you'll need both a good view finder, and a good external monitor. Which you need first is dependent on the work you do and how much equipment you want to mount to the camera.

    I get lazy sometimes and I don't want to mount an extra LCD, HDMI cable, and charge up extra batteries. Then usually mounting an external monitor means mounting an additional bracket or cage. Sometimes you just want to get right to shooting and getting the job done handheld with a good viewfinder, and also pack very small with minimal gear.

  49. mad

    hey emm, would you go with this over a smallhd dp4 and evf?

    i just bought a smallhd. might send it back and get this and just get a 7" monitor. mainly wanted a monitor to use with my 12' jib/crane

    thanks man

  50. Len

    I bought one of the glue-on ones from Amazon and the frame came off the camera the first time that I attached the viewfinder. What a waste of money! Since this one works with the D7000 with an auxiliary battery pack, I ordered it this morning. It's shipped already. I have high hopes for it and will report back after I try it.

  51. Emm

    Post author

    @Habez - 7 day return policy and 1 year warranty is the difference of $10 dollars, but whichever is most convenient. I just double checked and that seller seemed to have pirated that inventory and may only have 5 pieces. I don't know if he's actually supposed to have that item. I'm waiting to hear back.

  52. Yep, no problem about ordering from the UK. I ordered a few hours ago and its all gone through fine (though it chocked when using a credit card and I had to use PayPal).

    My two 5DII's already have the Zacuto frames stuck to the screens (original Zacuto Viewfinder here!) and I'm reluctant to take them off so the flexible mounting design of this new device is very welcome.

    Would be good if a Manfrotto 577 compatible base plate could be made available rather than having to fix the supplied plate to the MF sliding plate.

    Oh and the recent cage is a great bit of kit as well :- )

    I will no doubt get the new rails device as soon as its available; hoping it may have a follow focus addon.


  53. Andy A

    How about a 7D with battery grip? Also, if you currently use the old magnetic style frame would you need to remove the magnetic frame to make a more flush connection? Thanks.

  54. Emm

    Post author

    @Habez - Carry Speed is the exclusive distributor in North America for this view finder. That is the same from a retailer in Hong Kong. does ship Internationally and would still be cheaper.

  55. Emm

    Post author

    @nero355 - Carry Speed ships internationally, and I think shipping is only an added $10 dollars to your location. You might want to double check.

  56. Emm

    Post author

    @Aaron - Yes you can mount a quick release plate. I haven't tried in on a 60D (yet), but I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you order one and test it out, let me know. Send some photos or videos. Thanks.

  57. Aaron

    Hey Emm. Thx for the link. This sure beats the sticky frame!

    Just curious, have you tried it on a 60d? I am taking that there are holes in the QR plate that I could mount it on a tripod plate, etc., right?

  58. Paul Abrahams

    Anyone tested this on a 60D? I've read that 2.5 x is better for 60D, 3x makes the view too large to see all at once. Good for 5D though. Hopefully better than the Carry Speed sticky LCDVF which was crap this end. Mount screw wouldn't go in, magnets would let in light near the frame, focus out by 1/8" even with glasses. For me it was a throw in the bin.:-/

  59. nero355

    Great product which seems a big improvement over the GGS viewfinder which is cheap but misses a bit of quality and flexibility.

    I have a few questions tho :

    - Will this work with a gripped 5D MKII and MKIII ?
    - Any chance someone could test it with a gripped 7D ?

    I am kind off a bit grip addicted 😉

    Now just to find a webshop that's selling for the 120 USD price and willing to ship to Europe or based in Europe ...

    Thanks for posting this Emm !!

  60. Does the quick plate for the viewfinder cover the battery door on the T4i? I would hate to have to take the quick plate off every time I change batteries.

  61. J Toha

    Aside from the great innovation and building upon existing viewfinders, the built-in sunshade that you can open and close with a simple switch is simply ingenious. It's one of the little touches that matter.

  62. McG

    Perfect timing, I was just about to order the Trusmt viewfinder because I didn't want a sticky frame on the LCD but ordered this one instead.

    Do you know which eyepiece chamois would fit?

  63. Emm

    Post author

    @Will - Hmm. The optics are clear on this View Finder. A lot of attention to detail was put into the different features and the quality of optics were not over looked. Again, Carry Speed offers the 7 Day return, and one year warranty on products.

  64. I can't say that I've gotten the viewfinder yet, but I can attest to having picked up that same little scarecrow this weekend. We must shop at some of the same places. 🙂

  65. Will

    Hey Em: Just curious how do you compare the glass in this to the Zacuto obviously there is a big price difference does this show in the glass choice?

    I would be using this on the 5d3 so the clear screen and sharpness will help on the lcd with something this.

  66. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom - If it were a 3" view finder it would crop 1mm on each side. The internal measurement corner to corner (diagonal) on this View Finder is 3.11" so if anything it would be a 0.5mm crop on each side. I barely notice it on the 5D Mark III. As far as magnifications, i'm not as sensitive as others might be. I can equally use a 3x or 2.5x view finder, but then again i'm supposed to wear glasses (and don't). Maybe someone else will be able to test this view finder and come up with their own conclusions.

  67. Tom

    Hi Emm,

    Thanks for this post, this VF looks really cool and solid, much better than other options indeed.

    This may be a difficult question, but since you already have the Zacuto Z-Finder (not sure what version though), how does the magnification of this new View Finder compares to Z-Finder 3x or 2.5x? (Please let me know if you have the Z-Finder 3x or 2.5x for comparison)

    It is 4:3 aspect ratio, right? as far as I understood on your video, it would cut about 1mm on each side (left & right) of the 5D Mark 3 LCD screen, right?

    Also, any info about the diameter of the optics? I couldn't find any specs.

    Thanks a lot

  68. Emm

    Post author

    @pao - There is no lock when it's opened, but it has a firm hinge to prevent flopping around loosely. If you jerk it around it will drop back down.

  69. Emm

    Post author

    @Adam - Let me try it out. I don't have the GH2 on me today. [Update] It will not fit directly to the GH2. You would have to add another base plate underneath as I did on my RX100.

  70. imgpro615

    compared to zacuto this IS a true contender for the middle ground... i will give it a have YET to let me down...

  71. Adam

    It looks good. Will it work for the Panasonic GH2? I've been looking for an affordable, non-sticky solution for a long time now.

  72. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - Everyone has different experiences. I haven't had a problem, but if you do, check out this article: httpss://

  73. Ryan

    Dang it! This cool stuff just keeps coming! I bought the gearbox, the rails... now this! I guess it pays to wait for all this quality stuff to come in at pricepoints I feel are way more reasonable.

    Amazing products coming from here, Emm. I can't wait to replace my cheap magnetic sticky frame lcdvf with this.

    How does it handle fogging?

  74. Emm

    Post author

    @Bart - I'm not clear on how you would use this View Finder while on a jib. The quick release plate will mount fine though.

  75. Kaz


    Is this the viewfinder you used on your RX100 with the pistol grip? I was about to get a Zacuto but assuming this will work as well? And should also work on a Nex7 as well? thnx for posting, I am sure there will be a million does it work on my camera...but not much out there for smaller Sony cameras 🙂

  76. Bart

    Sorry I just read your response to Daniel. Did you give it a go with the 577 and test it in a jib too. I have the Canon 5D Mark lll and I need a reasonablly good view finder at a good price that fits the larger LCD. This might be the ticket.

  77. Bart

    Hi I am curious too if their plate will attach to my 577 Manfrotto on my tripod, slider and jib. Please test and let us know. If it fits, I am buying it. Thanks

  78. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - It will mount securely. It's a solid metal base plate, and locks in with a rubber stage.

  79. Yasmin

    I still have the original LCDVF with the sticky frame. How does it compare to it quality-wise?

    The LCDVF has a 2x magnification I think. Does this have 2x or 3x like the Zacuto?

  80. SFDex

    Curious if it'll fit on a T3i or T4i with a battery grip; the battery grip sticks out a bit to the back, so I can't tell if this has enough 'overhang,' I guess you could call it, to seal up to the monitor. Any chance you could check that out, Emm?

  81. Emm

    Post author

    @JSS - It should work fine on a 60D (not sure if it will work with Battery Grip need to test). Zacuto is a very professional product, I have a Z-Finder too with a Zacuto EVF. It's great stuff.

    Keep in mind that i'm speaking on a product from a distribution partner (so it may seem biased). This has some good weight to it and feels solid. The optics are glass, the rubber eyecup is very comfortable yet firm and the quick release plate is solid metal. Don't let the price fool you, it's not cheaply made, it's only at an Introductory price. It's normally $180. If you're unsure, Carry Speed has 7 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, and one year warranty on the product. I wouldn't work with them on a distribution level if I didn't think they had innovative, quality products, affordable pricing, and good customer service.

  82. Daniel

    This is amazing! Quick question, if mounted to a manfrotto 577 quick release plate on the threads most centered to the camera, will it mount securely? Looks like the provided quick release adaptor it a bit short on that end. Thanks!

  83. JSS

    Just when I was thinking about dishing out the money for a zacuto zfinder this comes out. My heart says zacuto but my wallet says Carry Speed. So Emm this obviously wont be as good as the zfinder but how much of a difference is it? How do they compare? Also how does it fit on a Canon 60D? Thanks Emm for all your hard work!

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  85. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - They have the same body style and same LCD size screen. Should work. On the T2i the 'play' button gets a little tucked behind the bracket but I can still access it. On the T4i nothing is obstructed.

  86. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - All domain names on DNS servers (resolving IP address) with GoDaddy, not the hosting servers.

  87. Rob S.

    I've been looking for a viewfinder that tips up like this. The one sold on Amazon is junk and only attaches with a sticky frame. I'm buying.

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