Tascam new DR-60D Mark II Audio Recorder

Today Tascam announced an upgraded Mark II version of their popular DR-60D Audio Recorder. Here's an original video showing the features of the first DR-60D.

Now i'm not quite sure how much of a difference the new MK II DR-60D Audio recorder brings, and it's probably not enough to justify an upgrade from the old version. But for anyone looking to purchase the popular DR-60D recorder, it's now available for $199.99 + FREE US Overnight Shipping via Adorama. Yes FREE Overnight means that depending on when you get your order in you should receive it the next business day (click here)

find-price-button Tascam DR-60D MKII Digital Audio Recorder

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15 thoughts on “Tascam new DR-60D Mark II Audio Recorder

  1. I got mine from Adorama and tested it out with my Audio Technica at897 shotgun mic during my filming of the youtube channel, JoanneTechlover. It works great and it's super clean. I especially love the ability to run the clean audio into my Sony RX10.

    I haven't had much experience w/ the original DR60D, but compared to the Tascam DR100mkII that we have, the DR60D mkII can produce excellent, professional quality audio.

  2. Rob S.

    What I think is great about Tascam is that they've kept the price the same. The old version is already pretty decent and worth the retail price. I'm anxious to see and hear how improved the new one is.

  3. OldCorpse

    @moebius22, you mean you have the original 60D, right? In any case, yes, that's what they claim, that they upgraded the pots to make them change smoothly without stepping noises. They'll be out by Oct. 15, that's when we'll get to test them to see if what's what.

  4. Nuviz

    The first time I plugged an XLR cable in mine, it got stuck ! Apart from that, I hope they added a bit more gain to the inputs: I pretty much always have to crank it to maximum to get usable SN ratios.

  5. Funny part is that when i saw this article I had just turned in my 60d for repair and it cost me $90, which I kept juggling if to do it or not since the 60D was only $199 new. Long story short of it I called Tascam to cancel the repair after I saw this article and couldn't get a hold of them so I landed up buying the 60DII and still haven't heard from Tascam. I love this little recorder and even with it's short falls I haven't used my H4n in a long time. My first 60D had the problem like was described in this post about one of my XLR's getting stuck, but I was able to pry it out and now it doesn't lock, but its no big deal it still runs strong. A little update on the purchase from Adaroma and I don't know if it's just me but when I kept trying to purchase it, and it wouldn't show up in the cart. Finally after several try's it showed up, but I haven't received any update on the shipping it shows still pending and that was Friday morning. I'm sure it will show up but I don't think it's going to be today or even Monday.

  6. @OldCorpse - I'd love to know what battery pack you're using with the 60D to power it for days. I generally have mine plugged in as much as I can, because it eats AAs like Cheerios.

  7. Rob S.

    One big issue that needed to be fixed was the support of it. It could be tipsy if you mounted the camera on top of it so not that stable because of the plastic and how tall it is. And it's made to be mounted that way. I'd be happy if they just fixed the dials, tho.

  8. jose

    Its just about right, or at least "dope". I had it with the 70-200 the other day, and u need sturdy legs to support it, no doubt. But it looks cool!

  9. Mr Blah

    Yeah, I'm also wondering whether they fixed the stepped pots issue from the first version – that was the major complaint I had heard about it, alongside battery life.

  10. OldCorpse

    There's the spec list that hints at some of what was upgraded, but I'm more curious about other things that have had complaints about the original 60D (which I have) - things like xlr connectors getting stuck, so you can't pull out the cable (apparently happened to a LOT of people), or generally fragile built (the strap bar attachment points just breaking because they're weak plastic). You can test some of the technical things, but how do you test for those other things without destroying the unit. I guess we can only find that info from thousands of users who use if for awhile in the field. I can't see myself upgrading based on the spec sheet, but of course I am curious about how the new ones perform.

    There is one other scenario where I can see myself buying this - let us say I want to record dual system, with one 60D with the boom person, and the other 60D going under the camera and recording to the camera from an on-cam mic, just to have a scratch track. Right now, some people use JuiceLinked products to accomplish that, but this new 60D is very interesting.

    In fact, I wonder what Robert from JuiceLinked is going to do. He did a video some time ago where he compared a JL, an H6 a SD and a 60D. The 60D came out pretty good, but it had three drawbacks compared to the JL product: noisy digital steppy pots, very fast battery drain and size. Well, clearly the size is the same, and we don't yet know about the battery drain (personally I don't care, because I have a dynamite battery pack that can power it for days), and we do know that Tascam claims now very smooth pots. So now, you are looking at a 60DmkII that is $199 - way cheaper than any JL product and does a heck of a lot more, and is improved over the original 60D. Unless you need something very small, I don't see how JL is competitive here without even having a recorder function. I see this as a direct threat to JL at this amazing price. Your thoughts, Emm?

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