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Today Tascam announced an upgraded Mark II version of their popular DR-60D Audio Recorder. Here's an original video showing the features of the first DR-60D.

Now i'm not quite sure how much of a difference the new MK II DR-60D Audio recorder brings, and it's probably not enough to justify an upgrade from the old version. But for anyone looking to purchase the popular DR-60D recorder, it's now available for $199.99 + FREE US Overnight Shipping via Adorama. Yes FREE Overnight means that depending on when you get your order in you should receive it the next business day (click here)

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This recent video from Robert at JuicedLink shares a review from some of the latest Portable Audio tools used for video capture today. The video includes battery tests (runtime), audio comparisons, and what may be pros and cons of each tool. If you can sit through the technical specs, there's quite a bit of information that may help you decide which tool fits your workflow better and help you achieve better audio.

Zoom H4n
JuicedLink RM333
Tascam DR-60D
Zoom H6


As far as recent portable digital audio recorders go, there has been quite a buzz around the 929347 Tascam DR-60D Portable Recorder + Field Recorder. The Tascam proves to have good quality sound as a preamp, but when compared to something like a Zoom H4n, the Tascam does not offer a single built in microphone. Besides having to carry around a separate microphone, the form factor is a bit on the large side (so does that still qualify as a portable recorder?).

Samson's Zoom line of portable recorders have always included a set of microphones, but the new Zoom H6 Zoom H6 Portable Digital Audio Recorder takes it to the next level by offering a very modular Mic and Input system among other new advanced features. The Zoom H6 basic kit includes includes an XY Microphone, Module, Includes Mid-side Microphone Module, Four XLR/TRS Inputs, Record Up to 6 Simultaneous Channels, Record Up to 24-bit/96kHz Audio, Doubles as USB Audio Interface, Uses SDXC Memory Cards. Add-ons will be available such as a Shotgun Mic, XLR/TRS Inputs Module, and Hot Shoe Mount. The brand new Zoom H6 Zoom H6 Portable Digital Recorder is available for pre-order now via (B&H) Click here.

Samson Zoom H6 Portable Audio Modular Mic Shotgun Stereo XY TRS XLR
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Tascam DR-60D Overview:
The Tascam DR-60D is a brand new 4-track solid-state recorder utilizing TASCAM's decades of experience. The recorder utilizes high-grade HDDA pre-amps, legendary AD converters, and a durable but lightweight structure and shape.


This device will fit snuggly under any camera or into any rig, and record up to 96kHz/24-bit high quality audio straight to SD/SDHC media. Filmmakers have at their disposal two 1/4"-XLR Locking Combo MIC/LINE Inputs, 3.5mm Stereo MIC Input, Camera In, Camera Out, Line Out and Headphone Out. Both 1/4"-XLR Combo Inputs supply +48V Phantom Power and the 3.5mm Input supplies Plug-In Power for microphones requiring a bias voltage.


The DR-60D is incredibly easy to use, employing TASCAM's very popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed specifically to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include, 4-Channel Record, Auto Record and TASCAM's Dual Record "Safety Track" Mode make the DR-60D one of the most versatile recorders on the market. The new DR-60D is available for pre-order via B&H (click here)

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