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Today Tascam announced an upgraded Mark II version of their popular DR-60D Audio Recorder. Here's an original video showing the features of the first DR-60D.

Now i'm not quite sure how much of a difference the new MK II DR-60D Audio recorder brings, and it's probably not enough to justify an upgrade from the old version. But for anyone looking to purchase the popular DR-60D recorder, it's now available for $199.99 + FREE US Overnight Shipping via Adorama. Yes FREE Overnight means that depending on when you get your order in you should receive it the next business day (click here)

find-price-button Tascam DR-60D MKII Digital Audio Recorder

Adorama Pro Video deal: Save big on new Canon Cinema Camcorder Kits!
Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camcorder Kit with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Zoom Lens - With Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade & Ninja 2 Recorder, 240GB SSD, HDMI Cable
Reg: $6,299.00
Special: $5,799.00 (Save $500)

Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body with Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade & Zacuto Z-Finder Kit - EF Lens Mount
Reg: $15,499.00
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Here's a few tips some of you may want to prepare for so that you can begin shooting with your brand new BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera the day it arrives.

#1 - Get a damn fast SDHC or SDXC card. None of the cards that work flawlessly on my Canon DSLRs were even detected. The few speedy cards I was able to grab from local retailers just ended up with dropped frames. We're just talking ProRes here, imagine when RAW is unlocked. Tomorrow I should receive a couple of Sandisk Extreme Pro cards (recommended in the user manual) for my weekend project.

find-price-button Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Media Card

#2 - Keep in mind you cannot format SD cards from the camera itself. If you show up at a shoot with a full SD Card, there's no way to delete the files. Keep a laptop with SD card reader handy to format to exFAT and delete any old projects. Don't think you can just pop it into your other camera to delete. The HFS+ or exFAT file system isn't recognized in most other cameras.

#3 - The LCD screen on this camera (not touch screen) may not be suffice for working outdoors. If you plan to use a monitor or EVF, you need a rare micro HDMI cable (d type). I already have plans to use my Cineroid Retina EVF

find-price-button Cineroid Retina EVF LCD Viewfinder

#4 - The battery drains very quickly on this pocket camera. These batteries are the same for the Nikon J1, inexpensive, but you still need an optional charging station so you don't keep your camera tethered. The other option is an external 12V power source for very long projects where swapping batteries could be a problem.

find-price-button EN-EL20 Battery / Charger

#5 - Even my small Panasonic 12-35mm F/2.8 or 35-100mm F/2.8 Micro Four Thirds lenses fit too snugly on the camera if I have my 501PL plate mounted underneath. Lens adapters will be worse, so you'll need a platform, rig, cage, or something to raise the body up if you're planning to use popular Fluid Heads. I'm using the Fhugen GH3 cage right now since it's the smallest cage in my arsenal (no battery door access).

Rokinon Lens BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera
There's room to slide the plate back and forth, but other lens combinations may not be so forgiving

#6 - Expect no audio meters from the camera itself. I think at this point the easiest method is to just work an external recorder.

Finally just a quick note on using an HDMI recorder. I'm not sure if this will yield any difference in quality, but if there is no degradation, an HDMI recorder could be a cheaper solution for storage media, solves limitations on long projects, and is a fast way to hand off video files to your editor. The Atomos Ninja 2, one of the affordable HDMI recorders on the market, is capable of recording from the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. You can record the stream without actually recording from the BMPC, or you can just hit record on both units for dual recording (a good backup solution for critical projects).

find-price-button Atomos Ninja 2 HDMI Recorder

I'll continue to add notes about the things i'm running into, and I'll be uploading sample ProRes files from the camera very soon. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, and stay tuned to the blog. Remember, if you're still looking to get on a short list to get this camera early, check in with DVEStore.com

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For the smaller Zoom H1's just about any small modified belt clip would work. For the larger Audio Recorders like the Zoom H4n, I've been thinking of good ideas for a belt clip mount. These generic DSLR quick release clips have been around for a long time, but of course I'm not trusting my heavy DSLR on this thing. For something like a Zoom H4n, it should be no problem. A few different versions available, and even with the QR adapter knob in place, some still provide access to a tripod mounting hole. Might be worth a test, and the only caveat is you'll need to be wearing a belt. For those who shoot in the nude, this could be the deal breaker. Found below.

find-price-button Digital SLR Camera Belt Clips

If you want to take a look at some smaller belt clips for the Zoom H1 (when using it as a body pack on your subject), these stainless steel universal clips would work well. You'll need to open up the hole a bit to attach to the tripod mount of the Zoom H1.

find-price-button Small Stainless Steel Metal Belt Clips

YouTube member MrHotRod460 assembles a DIY DSL Shoulder rig. Things seem to be in all the right places to stay in control of all the accessories, keep it well balanced, and ergonomic. Not shown was probably the LCD monitor that goes towards the left hand. If you're not into LCD View finders, placing a lightweight LCD in front instead of the entire camera keeps most of the weight closer to the shoulder support. More comfortable for some people, but obviously more things to carry and manage. Great stuff though.

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Here's a true story. At my own wedding the videographer sat at the far end of the Luau table. Spontaneously someone decided to stand up and start making a speech. Me knowing the camera would never be able to grab this audio, I quickly threw my iPhone on Voice Recorder mode and placed it on the table in front of the speaker. It works, try it sometime.

A reader wanted to share this item and thought it might come in handy for those times you need some quality audio recording. The manufacturer 'Blue' is known for making several quality models of microphones and has this product available that adapts to most iPod & iPhone devices. It also has a built in Speaker too for better playback, but you'll probably be on your headphones. More information about the product below.

Product Description
With positional/directional design and stereo capability, you can record your rehearsals or gigs. Other features include a mono confidence speaker, variable gain control, overload protection, recording status light and up to 1.5 hours continuous recording. It's never been easier to record your world. Meet Mikey, Blue's new iPod recording device that makes recording lectures, voice notes, live music, interviews and more - Mikey can capture it all with audio quality unheard of in a hand-held device. But hey, you'd expect that from a company with years of experience designing and engineering award-winning studio mics! Mikey features Blue's superior quality stereo condenser capsules, 3-position user selectable gain settings, and built-in speaker for playback. You can fine-tune Mikey to record everything from the barest audible sound to extremely loud sources without losing audio fidelity. Mikey's unique user-positionable head swivels 180 to provide maximum flexibility and usability, allowing you to position Mikey towards sound sources in various directions. Record up to 1.5 hours continuously Compatible with iPod nano 2G, 3G & 4G; iPod classic; iPod 5G & most cases

find-price-button Blue Microphones Mikey iPod Recording Microphone with Speaker