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The new P&C GearBox was designed to hold your camera body and allow several mounting points for video accessories. I've used a couple GearBoxes over the weekend and just enjoy handling the camera with it mounted inside. I think once you try it out, you'll understand. Some of you have already received the new GearBox, and for those who were interested, currently it's listed out of stock. I have some good news that more inventory should arrive in a couple of days.

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

Along with the new inventory will also be the new Rod Adapters that fit under the GearBox. The basic GearBox itself will now be listed as the GearBox GB-1, and if you purchase the kit with the Rod Adapters, that will be listed as the GearBox GB-2. For those who already have the GearBox, you will be able to purchase the Rod Adapters separately as an upgrade kit, and it's still Free Shipping in the USA.

PNC GearBox Rod Adapter GB-2PNC GearBox GB-2 Rod Adapter Upgrade
find-price-button P&C GearBox GB-2 - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket with Rod Adapter

The first inventory from the P&C GearBox sold out in the first day! So, notifications will go out first through the PhotographyandCinema.com newsletter subscribers. To ensure you get first notification when the GearBox become available, you can register on the site (Click Here).



We've had great success reaching out to the community for some suggested names with our last product launch - The Komodo Dolly. If you haven't seen the Dolly, you can check it out along with a current contest (ends June 30th) to win one of 16 prizes here: http://cheesycam.com/new-pc-komodo-skater-table-dolly-contest-to-win/.

This time we have another product soon to be released that will be available at PhotographyandCinema.com. This will be our basic and very affordable video accessory cage, designed to hold your camera and provide several new mounting points to add accessories like an LED light, LCD monitor, Audio Recorders, and more. It's slightly wider than most camera bodies so that you can shoot handheld (Spacing your hands away from the camera adds stability).

For handles, we're using something similar to our custom P&C Pistol Grip Molds. Right now it looks low in the photo (above), which would be perfect for GH2, Sony NEX type cameras, and even a full Canon DSLR. If you want to add a quick release baseplate inside, there's small adapters that you can add to adjust the height.

So we're on the home stretch with one of our Basic Video Accessory Cages, and we need another name. Soon after the name pick, we can finish the final manufacturing and have these available to ship in the next few weeks. So,here's another small and simple contest, and to the winner we'll be giving away one of these cages if we choose your suggested name pick. All you have to do is leave a comment with what you think we should call this. I'm hoping to have a name chosen and comments will be closed by the end of the weekend. Thanks guys!

[Update] Comments Closed. We'll be choosing a Winning Name soon. Thanks for the participation.