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Here's an interesting new Quick Release Top Handle that uses a slotted mount to fit a variety of cameras including the BlackMagic Design Cinema, or 4K Production cameras, RED Scarlet, and EPIC. The Quick Release handle can be removed by sliding it off the sides by depressing the safety pins.

The QR Top Handle uses a leather design, and can be adjusted left/right along the rail for perfect center of balance on many different rigs. It's not cheap, but it's a very flexible design that can be used across many different cameras and rigs. It basically just requires a flat surface with 1/4 threads regardless of where the threaded holes lineup.

If you're thinking what i'm thinking, this also means it can be mounted to fit a variety of different DSLR Camera Cages. Check it out at (found here).

Scarlet BlackMagic Epic RED Top Handle QR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-blackTop handle BlackMagic Cinema Scarlet EpicQR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-black_01
find-price-button QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Design Cinema or 4K, RED Scarlet, EPIC, Cages


PhotographyandCinema.com has just added a pair of 8" Industry Standard 15mm Extension rails (rods) for $28.99 + Free shipping (domestic USA). The rails have both Male and Female threads so that they can be assembled to virtually any length for supporting additional accessories, longer lenses, or if you need the extra room for Matte boxes. These will match up perfectly to your Gearbox GB-2 or Prime Shoulder Rig.

15mm extension rails rods PNC rig

There are plenty of options for rails on the market, and I advise you to shop around, but for a pair of 8" 15mm rails with both Male and Female threads these prices are pretty darn good. Check it out at PhotographyandCinema.com (click here).

p&C rails photographyandcinema 15mm extension rails rodsIMG_1513_medium
find-price-button P&C 15mm Extension Rails with Male / Female Threads


Here's a simple DIY way to add an HDMI Cable Pinch to one of those Gini Panasonic GH2 Video Cages [Thanks Asa]. You could use this same technique on any of the other cages offered by Gini, and I just noticed that Gini is also offering a specific cage for the Canon 5D Mark III if you need all of those mounting points. Check out the Gini gear on eBay (Click Here).

Gini 5D CageGini Rig 5D Mark IIIGini Rigs Canon 5D Mark III
find-price-button Gini Rigs Canon 5D Mark III Video Cage


Here's a short review of the new P&C GearBox from HDSLRNOW, which is designed to help mount video accessories along with your Video DSLR. If you need to expand with 15mm rig bits, it can be expanded with the GB-R Rail Kit. For more quick tips on other DSLR products, follow HDSLRNOW via Twitter.

The GearBox was a recent product release, so just a reminder that the P&C GearBox Introductory Sale Price will end tomorrow. You can find out more about the P&C GearBox at PhotographyandCinema.com.

find-price-button P&C GearBox DSLR Video Accessory Cage Bracket


Disclaimer: I help to design products for PhotographyandCinema.com. The article below is information about the new P&C GearBox. There are many other great DSLR style cages available within articles of this blog that you may also want to consider.

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

It's been several weeks, but the new P&C GearBox is now available at PhotographyandCinema.com. The name 'GearBox' was submitted by David during a June contest, so congrats David, PhotographyandCinema.com will be sending one of these GearBox cages your way.

There are many High End, Super Heavy, Robust video cages available for the Professional market, but we found a lack of more affordable options for smaller style video cameras such as the Sony NEX-7 or Popular GH2. The P&C GearBox is designed to be simple, lightweight, modular, and of course - affordable.


The GearBox has a solid metal bottom and top bracket with several 1/4-20 mounting options for your accessories such as an LED video light, Portable Recorder, HDMI LCD Monitor, Microphone, Wireless Receivers, etc. To take up minimal space in a bag when packing up or traveling, the GearBox can easily be disassembled with a single Hex driver.


The GearBox will support a quick release plate underneath if you want to mount the rig onto a Tripod. Extension adapters are provided to support taller cameras, or if you want to add a quick release system into the cage unit allowing you easy removal of your camera body. The rubber coated side handles provide a non-slip comfortable grip and are spaced further apart to add stability for hand-held shooting styles. Interested in a Rail System? Soon to be released is the 15mm Rod adapter (sneak peek here).

As a new item, there is an Introductory Price of just $79.99 over at https://PhotographyandCinema.com (Click Here).

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket



We've had great success reaching out to the community for some suggested names with our last product launch - The Komodo Dolly. If you haven't seen the Dolly, you can check it out along with a current contest (ends June 30th) to win one of 16 prizes here: http://cheesycam.com/new-pc-komodo-skater-table-dolly-contest-to-win/.

This time we have another product soon to be released that will be available at PhotographyandCinema.com. This will be our basic and very affordable video accessory cage, designed to hold your camera and provide several new mounting points to add accessories like an LED light, LCD monitor, Audio Recorders, and more. It's slightly wider than most camera bodies so that you can shoot handheld (Spacing your hands away from the camera adds stability).

For handles, we're using something similar to our custom P&C Pistol Grip Molds. Right now it looks low in the photo (above), which would be perfect for GH2, Sony NEX type cameras, and even a full Canon DSLR. If you want to add a quick release baseplate inside, there's small adapters that you can add to adjust the height.

So we're on the home stretch with one of our Basic Video Accessory Cages, and we need another name. Soon after the name pick, we can finish the final manufacturing and have these available to ship in the next few weeks. So,here's another small and simple contest, and to the winner we'll be giving away one of these cages if we choose your suggested name pick. All you have to do is leave a comment with what you think we should call this. I'm hoping to have a name chosen and comments will be closed by the end of the weekend. Thanks guys!

[Update] Comments Closed. We'll be choosing a Winning Name soon. Thanks for the participation.


Here's a (fairly lengthy) look at the Gini Rigs GH2 cage that provides all the cut outs to view controls and still have access to different ports around the camera. It looks like it's cut out to allow the LCD to still swing out also. No doubt it's high quality stuff, but there's been mixed complaints about the threading used on these cages as they may not be 1/4x20 accessible, but looking through the top area of the cage there seems to be different sized holes and threads. Maybe the new cages are supporting 1/4x20?

Still waiting to hear back from YouTube member feha1000 about that question, or if anyone else can chime in about a recent Gini Cage purchase. [Update] Here's the reply:

About 20 1/4" threads are on the top plate only the res M5 threads , and yes they work well with friction arms

Find more information on the Gini GH2 cage and other rigs following the link via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Gini Panasonic GH2 Video Cage


If I had to figure out who made this green DSLR cage with polished clamps, I would never have guessed it's actually a Gini Rig. [Thanks Steve] Normally we see the Gini Rigs sporting a cliche' and traditional Black with Red accents, but now we're seeing a bit of color splash in a few products. What do you guys think? Go or No-Go? There's a few more new Cage and rig configurations over at the Gini store following the link (click here).

Gini Rig Color Splash Green CageScreen shot 2012-01-20 at 10.16.10 PM
find-price-button Gini Rigs Green DSLR Video Cage

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An excellent review and closer look at the TrusMT Ultimate Cage with HDMI Locking plate from Vimeo member HDSLR GEAR. [Thanks Joel]. Other TrusMT equipment such as Shoulder Rigs, Follow Focus systems, and Matte Boxes can all be found on their online eBay store (click here).

TrusMT-MatteTrusMT Follow FocusTrusMT-HandleBarsTrusMT Cage
find-price-button TrusMT DSLR Cage, Shoulder Rigs, Follow Focus, Matte Box