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A new instant Pop Up softbox for 1x1 LED Video Light Panels. Should be out very soon, but wanted to see what initial thoughts were about this product.


For Cyber Monday: Save 65% on LED2000 Bi-Color Classic Series lights. This special ends once our stock is gone, and quantities are very limited. You can order here on the website or call our office at (408) 229-9222.

The LED2000 is a high-output, energy efficient, portable LED fixture. With power consumption of just 130W powering 2048 LEDs, both studios and location filmmakers are turning to this versatile solution as a means of achieving high light output and quality, while using a fraction of the energy of todays traditional lighting options.

The LED2000 is a professional grade, studio ready light fixture rated consistently at 95 CRI, giving your production perfect lighting, each and every time. To watch a video demonstration, on the LED2000 Bi-Color LED Light visit the website (click here).

Dracast LED2000 Bi-Color Light
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Here's another LED lighting product coming out of the Fotodiox company. The FlapJack panels use an array of LED lights that sit only at the surrounding edges and point inwards. The result is an extremely soft and diffused light source without hot spots or multi-shadow issues that can be placed very (very very) close to your subject. Here's a little demo video below.

I've actually reviewed a set of similar lights from Rosco several years ago, and my experience was that they were a very effective diffused light source, but weren't extremely powerful and had a slight color cast. Of course LED lighting has changed dramatically over the last few years offering more output and higher quality color reproduction. Combine that with cameras that actually require less lighting, and these lights may be a great item in the bag since they don't require any light modifiers or diffusion.

Hopefully i'll get a set to test out at some point and also run it through my handy iPhone Bluetooth Light Meter for some test results. More information about the new FlapJack LED lights can be found at the FotoDiox website (click here).

Fotodiox FlapJack Light LED ultra thin flat panel
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Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png 3

Aputure has recently released a new and larger LED Video panel. The New AL-528W (uses 528 LED bulbs) uses a digital brightness display to show output by percentage. Rotate the brightness wheel to adjust output from 10% to 99%.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png-2
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Use the power adapter to power the unit through a wall outlet, or you can use the batteries (Batteries includes Sony F/FM/QM Series) when shooting outside and a Low power warning with red blinking lights when the batteries are low.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png 1
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Other features:

  • Color rendering LEDs (Ra>85)
  • Stable color temperature/Stable brightness
  • Amaran uses IC constant current program*, with automatic IT circuit control support.
  • Amaran LED bulb brightness is stable and flicker-free.
  • Frameless design gives you a wider lighting effect, with continuous lighting (no black partitions) when combining LED panels together.
  • Lightweight, portable and compact
  • Amaran is 18.5% lighter than other LED video lights.
  • Uses metal spindle to support LED panels. You're free to adjust the angle as you wish.
  • Carrying case included

  • Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 5Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 4Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel
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    Oliver shares an overview of the new Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video light [Thanks Oliver]. This is a new light for Yongnuo I blogged about a few weeks ago which comes with an IR remote for controlling brightness. The light has built in barn doors and comes with a few colored filters for creative effects. More about the YN-300 LED video light is found via eBay (Click Here)

    YN-300 LED light YongnuoYongnuo 300 LED VIdeo Light YN-300Yongnuo 300
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    Disclaimer: I help to design products for PhotographyandCinema.com. The article below is information about the new P&C GearBox. There are many other great DSLR style cages available within articles of this blog that you may also want to consider.

    find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket

    It's been several weeks, but the new P&C GearBox is now available at PhotographyandCinema.com. The name 'GearBox' was submitted by David during a June contest, so congrats David, PhotographyandCinema.com will be sending one of these GearBox cages your way.

    There are many High End, Super Heavy, Robust video cages available for the Professional market, but we found a lack of more affordable options for smaller style video cameras such as the Sony NEX-7 or Popular GH2. The P&C GearBox is designed to be simple, lightweight, modular, and of course - affordable.


    The GearBox has a solid metal bottom and top bracket with several 1/4-20 mounting options for your accessories such as an LED video light, Portable Recorder, HDMI LCD Monitor, Microphone, Wireless Receivers, etc. To take up minimal space in a bag when packing up or traveling, the GearBox can easily be disassembled with a single Hex driver.


    The GearBox will support a quick release plate underneath if you want to mount the rig onto a Tripod. Extension adapters are provided to support taller cameras, or if you want to add a quick release system into the cage unit allowing you easy removal of your camera body. The rubber coated side handles provide a non-slip comfortable grip and are spaced further apart to add stability for hand-held shooting styles. Interested in a Rail System? Soon to be released is the 15mm Rod adapter (sneak peek here).

    As a new item, there is an Introductory Price of just $79.99 over at https://PhotographyandCinema.com (Click Here).

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    The good folks over at EVSOnline gives you a peek at Cineroid's L2C-3K LED Video light. Instead of providing two different LEDs which normally cuts your output in half, they decided to provide options for swapping out ALL of the LEDs. Of course this means you can't dial in mixed temperatures. It definitely looks like a good light, but if you want the variable temp options, be ready to throw down over $500 bucks. Three different packages, available via B&H (click here).

    find-price-button Cineroid L2C-3K DayLight / Tungsten On-Camera LED Video Light

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    Since the Z96 DSLR light has great diffusion and color, and can be stacked together to make One Larger light panel, people have been asking about using the now popular Z96 DSLR Dimmable LED Lights off camera with a stand. This would work great, even as basic fill light outdoors. Here's two really cheap options to get these lights setup so that you can use them off camera. The first one is just a standard foot that should come with most flashes. Under these adapters is a standard 1/4 x 20 thread to place directly on top of any standard Tripod. These run less than $3.00 dollars + Free shipping. Since the neck of the Z96 LED is already positionable, as well as the Tripod you're mounting to, you won't need a bracket that tilts.


    Carrying around a full tripod just to hold these tiny lights would be excess, so you can go with lighter 'Light Stands'. If you're going with the lightstand route, sometimes they have a 1/4 x 20 threaded tip so you can use them with your Foot type adapter. If not, then you'll have to grab one of these Light Stand Umbrella Flash Brackets. These can mount any type of shoe mounted accessory including your Canon or Nikon flash. I happened to have many of these I use for Photography positioning my Flashes off camera. This might be a better buy if you're planning on using these for off camera flash photography since flashes can't be as easily tilted. You can find both of these options following this link to Shoe Type Speedlite Brackets.

    You can also find Lightstands, Brackets, umbrella, with carrying case here.