Panasonic V-Log L Gamma Profile Update for GH4 Cameras

Looking for more dynamic range and a flatter profile on the Panasonic GH4? The new V-LOG L Gamma Profile Update adds up to 12 stops of Dynamic Range, putting up closer to what you can get with the Canon 5D Mark III, or Canon 1DC, but unfortunately it's going to cost you $99 bucks to add it.

Vlog Update for GH4 Cameras

Adds V-Log L Gamma Profile to GH4
Wide Dynamic Range of up to 12 Stops
Improved Color Matching with Varicam
Similar Characteristics to Cineon
Same LUT and Curve as Standard V-Log

There's a bit of a process to update your system, and it looks like the purchase of the VLOG L Gamma Profile is for one camera only. I use the GH4 so often, I guess $99 dollars isn't a lot to ask, but I do own (3) GH4 cameras which sucks for me. They should have at least come up with some type of 'bundle discount' or allow each registered customer to use a serial key more than once.

panasonic GH4 VLOG Update

Oh well, it is what it is. The GH4 has been a reliable camera and i'm most likely going to update all the cameras regardless. The new VLOG L Gamma Profile is available for pre-order now (click here).

Panasonic GH4 V-LOG Update
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6 thoughts on “Panasonic V-Log L Gamma Profile Update for GH4 Cameras

  1. AmericusTrue

    I'm really excited for this and just made my preorder. There's been times I've doubted my little GH4, asking myself if I should spring for one of Sony's new "Murderer's Row" lineup. Then the GH4 proves itself over and over again.
    As for the Sony A-Series cameras, I dislike the motion of subjects and notice some ugly glowing in certain hues that would drive me crazy in post. Most of the color correction I see looks lifted in the blacks when creator can't achieve something natural or filmic... It's not that hip looking to me. It just looks like super-Instagram iPhone stuff. Now, I'm curious if this is just a spec race by Sony with these new cams? I've noticed a lot of people just flock to this notion of internal stabilization and 40 something Mega-Wonka-Pixels, but that footage doesn't come close to a FS100 or FS700 to me. I love those cams. Of course, I basing this off of unreliable internet footage.. But sometimes that tells a lot, even if the cam is in the wrong hands.
    I love Sony, but I think the GH4, BMCC and eventually the URSA Mini will be more suited for my content. I will spend some time with the new Sony cams soon and not be a total naysayer, but the end product (the footage) isn't making me swoon like the BMCC or GH4 did. I can't wait for this update to an already great camera!

    but this camera isn't going to to the job for you. It takes some add-ons and tweaking to get the money footage. I hope this gives me a better

  2. Cfreak

    As a Gh4 owner from May 2014, I have a hard time wanting to invest more money into a camera that is long in the tooth. I love my GH4 with a MB Sbooster and a fast Nikkor prime, but, am hesitant to invest more into MFT glass or the MFT system, until it's clear there isn't a better option out there. The Samsung NX1 with H265 makes for stiff competition and Panasonic isn't winning people over with a paid upgrade to an older body, at the pace technology is moving.

  3. @Nick : Sony's LOG upgrade for the F3 was $3,000. This is a bargain. A lot of time and energy went into this, so it's only right that this is a paid update. Unless you work for free a couple of months a year ?

  4. hmm - I find the idea of paying for a software update for a camera somewhat abhorrent. I don't think I've ever seen this before. At any price point.

    Of course I'm going to pay - because I use the camera all the time - but I hope someone hacks this - and fast.

  5. pops

    hmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Better than not having access to it I suppose. I need to see more footage and reviews. 2 stops is substantial. I'm been kicking around liquidating my multiple bodies and moving towards the A7RII. But the over heating kills it for me.

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