DJI X5 Camera Gimbal In Stock

So many people have already received the new DJI Osmo, and it has been getting really positive results. A breeze to use out of the box, but with GoPro HERO4 4K cameras mounted to a gimbal, it's too close to be considered a real game changer. But if you were to attach the new DJI X5 4K Mirrorless M43 camera on the OSMO handle, that combination is easily considered a game changer in small handheld stabilizers.

If you're an existing DJI Inspire1 owner, the X5 4K Camera gimbal is a the next obvious upgrade for better aerial footage without having to buy an entirely new Quadcopter. And when paired with the OSMO handle, you should have a killer set of tools to capture smooth professional quality 4K Video footage. The X5 camera is in stock now via B&H (here).

dji x5 camera in stock
VIEW-ITEM DJI X5 4K Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless M43 Camera

5 thoughts on “DJI X5 Camera Gimbal In Stock

  1. I just spoke with B&H customer service, they told me DJI also gives them short/almost no info on their products release dates, but for the adapter piece for the OSMO they were told mid December and a week or 2 after the absorb body plate for the inspire 1 users ( which to me is BS, I love DJI products but there timing and communication is horrible esp for the money we spending )

  2. Jasper

    Any word on when the X5R will be available? The web-site is somewhat misleading or at least confusing. They advertise it with no hint as to when it is available. Not even an estimate. Same with the adapters for the Osmo.

  3. JKP

    I own an OSMO and I can't WAIT to see some reviews with this setup on an OSMO... AND a variety of MFT lenses attached. Should be interesting!

  4. Def great news, only thing that sucks is that the Vibration Absorbing Board that's needed for the X5 to be mounted to your inspire 1 is still not in stock. But I do own a OSMO so that's the only cool thing to play around till the absorbing board comes in.

  5. Robert

    Have you seen anything about when the adaptor that's required to use it with the Osmo will be released?

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