Cheap Manfrotto 501PL Replacement Quick Release Plates $9 Free Ship

I've built a few rigs over the last few months, and I got tired of swapping my 501PL plates around. Frustrated, today I decided to grab a few more spares so I don't need to rotate them (and I always seem to lose them). Here's a listing for generic 501PL plates for just $9 dollars + FREE SHIPPING in case you guys need some.

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VIEW-ITEM Manfrotto 501PL Compatible Quick Release Plates

6 thoughts on “Cheap Manfrotto 501PL Replacement Quick Release Plates $9 Free Ship

  1. Hey Emm,

    Any update on these? How are they compared to the OEM plates? Also, do you know if these are compatible with the Giottos MH621 system as well?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Julius - It's mentioned that it is for the 701HDV (which is a 501PL plate). I've ordered a few, so when it arrives I can tell you if it works.

  3. Julius

    will these work with 701hdv head?
    I had bought some a few months back from this vendor, but now it's not mentioned in the details.

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