DIY Quick Camera Strap – The KeyRing Strap

Someone emailed me about a way to use a Camera strap without the Tripod mounting hole, but something that can be taken off easily. Here's something I used to do back when I was flying the Steadicam Merlin stabilizer. I used the strap to carry the camera, but then needed a way to quickly take it off when flying. The shifting weight of a Camera strap can totally throw a stabilizer off balance.

Here's a simple DIY way to add a very comfortable strap to your camera. Just add a few small keyrings (don't look at my example, it's all I had right now) to the OEM strap holders. After that you'll be able to add laptop bag straps or luggage straps with swiveling ends. On quick, and off quick. One cool looking comfortable strap I found would be the Air Cell one via Amazon.
find-price-button Quad Air Cell Padded Briefcase Bag Shoulder Strap

4 thoughts on “DIY Quick Camera Strap – The KeyRing Strap

  1. Jason

    I have a 3rd party strap that uses key rings to attach to the body. Only warning is it will wear the paint off your camera around the mounts... if that's important to you.

  2. Nick

    On the non-DIY (more expensive) side of the fence, the Luma Loop is a great strap that attaches to the same point on the camera (rather than the tripod mount), has a really nice leather shoulder pad, and has a rather clever quick release mechanism for easy strap detachment. It's a good strap to consider if you're already looking at BlackRapid or Sun Sniper straps and want another option.

    That said, if you already have a strap laying around and want to save that money for bigger and better things, this looks like a great DIY option with similar results.

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