Unboxing + Samples – TommyJib Portable Jib

For those who've been looking into the TommyJib line of jibs, Salvador P. sends us his Unboxing video with a few of his first video samples. This one shown seems to me one of the smaller units, but you can find a complete line of TommyJib products available via eBay. Got questions or comments you can leave them on this article.

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6 thoughts on “Unboxing + Samples – TommyJib Portable Jib

  1. Marcus West

    DONT waste your money on the heavy duty stand they have for $89.00 you can save $50.00. Here is the link to the exact same parts they sell. They are using a Proline Speaker stand that you can get at the Music store for $39.00 and the exterior mount bracket comes from On Stage Stands its part number EB9760. Cost is $10.99.

    For the speaker stand

    For the exterior mounting bracket

    I know this is 100% correct since I am a guitar player and spend LOTS of time in the music store. I just looked at a friends Tommy Jib and notice this.

  2. @followthescript

    Well I have one of these badboys and filmed a video with it recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrtsIizysKQ
    it's ok, not the best at all. Being the fact that you put the camera on one side of the jib it tends to tilt a little if you don't tighten screws enough. But when you tighten the screws your manaul tilts (up&down) become less smoothe. The stand they send is a complete waste of money. It's nothing but a speaker stand, I suggest you use a strong tripod instead. I like to put my whole rig (mattebox and rails) on whatever I'm using so the weight issue can also be my fault. The bag they send is nice. Padding all around the bag for a nice protective cushion. Overall I haven't tried anyother jibs but for the price it's cool. If you can find a jib that has 2 support arms that hold the camera (the ones that sit the camera in the middle) more supportive get it. This is not for a real prosumer but under my indie budget I make magic happen.lol. Hope this was helpful.

  3. Mr.Brown

    I've always been confused as to the main key factors in choosing a good quality Jib. I mean, whats the line that i draw? I can find a 160$ 12'ft Crane + a Stand on ebay! To me that seems too good to be true. I'd also have a hard time trusting my valuable equipement on somethin so inexpensive. What factors should i look for when considering purchase? Build quality? Weight Limitations? Weights? Secure Stand?

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