DIY LCD ViewFinder for Canon DSLR from 3D Printer?

DIY LCD Viewfinder for Canon T2i from Marc Schreibman on Vimeo.

I think this is officially the first DSLR DIY i've seen where there was a 3D Printer involved. Sure it's a bit larger than the LCDVF, possibly to compensate for the step up filters used for magnification. I don't know about you guys, but i'd love to see that 3D printer actually working. Enjoy the awesome work from Marc Schreibman on Vimeo, and thanks Dave for the tip! This is a really cool DIY.

6 thoughts on “DIY LCD ViewFinder for Canon DSLR from 3D Printer?

  1. Marc Schreibman

    I was wondering why the video got over 800 views in one day - and I thought...I should check cheesycam to see if it got posted there. What do you know...

    I wondered the same thing about why no one made one that attached this way - so I decided to make one that did. I think it's a strength issue - though it seems pretty strong to me. If I can perfect the design I will produce more of them.

    The proximity sensor is deactivated when in movie mode and when in live mode for shooting stills. I've been using it to shoot stills as well - I've always had trouble focusing my manual focus lenses through the regular viewfinder so this is a big help for that.

    Dave, thanks for tipping off Mr. Cheesycam - it's an honor to be on here.


  2. William

    Dave I wonder the same as well. I bought an lcd protector awhile back and wondered why loupe makers don't make attachments like this. I even sent an email to Tonis a few months ago suggesting he could do this. Its cool to see someone build their own loupe using a 3d printer.

  3. lex

    might be to week to mount it and keep it like that. im sure the glue frame helps more. hey dave, i like your vimeo videos, i will try to modify the plugs for the rode mic soon... good lookn out my nigga. dookie dug on his grind....

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