LCD ViewFinder Falling off?

LoupeTalk DIY Adapter for Hoodman Loupe from emmagination on Vimeo.

A couple of people have commented about how their LCD Viewfinders can lose adhesion from the metal frame to the LCD glass. Just wanted to remind everyone about an old video I posted a while back that might be a good solution by permanently (epoxy) attaching the LCD Viewfinder to an LCD Hood Shade. Originally this video was for the Hoodman since I thought the LCDVF had a decent solution, but appears even the LCDVF sticky frame can cause problems. There's even a shade available now for the Canon 550D / T2i so that you can quickly mount and dismount the LCD Viewfinders. You can find the LCD Shades for the Canon 550D / T2i for as low as $12.50 + Free Shipping here.

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23 thoughts on “LCD ViewFinder Falling off?

  1. Bryan Paczynski

    X2, same question as Pete MCK and Totoink. Will the t2i lcd hood shade fit the 60D properly? If it does this will be a great solution for the 60D crowd.

  2. Pete McK

    I have one of the Capa lcdvf with the magnets for my 60D. Not thrilled with it since the magnet frame won't allow the screen to close. Not ready to spring for a Letus yet, can anyone tell me if the LCD hood shade for the 5DII will work with a 60D?

  3. Rico181

    I bought one of those $12.50 LCD hoods for my T2i and it arrived today.

    I was planning to modify it so I could adhere my LCDVF to the pop-up hood instead of to the camera itself. That way I can keep my camera pristine and be able to use an industrial strength adhesive to make sure the LCDVF frame stays in place.

    Unfortunately, the $12.50 hood is not a perfect fit. It cuts off a few millimeters on the right side when you view it straight on. Hopefully the problem will go away when I remove the masked plastic and hood parts, but be warned!

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  5. joe h

    sorry for confusion on my last post, the Hoodman Loupe fits perfectly on the Delkin shade. i was really surprised. (happily)

  6. joe h

    i bought the Delkin hood/shade for my T2i, then bought the Hoodman Loupe 3.0, it fits perfectly, it even stays connected with no glue or magnet, fits right into the opening and is held on just by the grip the shade has on the loupe. meant to post earlier this week about this, but got busy. works great!

  7. William

    In the video he says use this solution for the Hoodman loupe though in the video he is demonstrating with the LCDVF. I have read back in May on the Cinema5d forums that someone suggested doing this as well with the Hoodman. However has anyone successfully did this with the LCDVF? In late May I bought a different type of lcd screen protector but the LCDVF wouldnt fit on it properly.

  8. Ryan

    What I like about my CAPA magnetic VF is that I have it attached to my neck strap and it comes very handy when I am in the outdoors in that I will never accidentally forget to remove it and let the sun burn my LCD. When I pull away the camera the eyepiece automatically dismounts which makes it pretty foolproof. The magnets are very strong and have never had a problem with it "falling" off due to shaking and such.

    What I don't like about this more fixed solution is that it takes more time to clip and unclip that than simply pull it away. Of course if you're working all indoors this could be a nice fixture, but I prefer the way I've been doing it and it only takes 1/2 second to mount and a fraction of that to pull off and set up for my next shot.

  9. Marty

    Great solution and fantastic blog. I check it every day. I rigged up something like that for my friend who has 7D. I personally couldn't afford the LCDVF, so i just bought the EOS version (specifically for the 550d). x2.75 magnification!

  10. Kevin

    I have been using this type of shade + a Pana-Vue 2 slide viewer as my viewfinder. Works great, and costed me about 10$ in total.

  11. I made one this evening. The epoxy is curing right now. In a day or two I will have a step by step walk through with video and photos on how to adapt a hoodman loupe to quick release mount to a Canon T2i.

  12. Neil Russell

    That's brilliant. I'm making my own loupe and that's the perfect solution to mounting the thing to the T2i.

  13. j

    Ordered the 3:2 lcdvf the other day and just ordered this hood off ebay now.
    was weary of the lcdvf but thought I'd try it I'm excited.

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