Calumet – MiniPod / Tabletop Tripod / Handle


I can see myself having one of these attached to my Canon SX210 IS Point and Shoot camera as an extra handle for stability or setting it down on a table when i'm having dinner. This could come in handy as the handles for my Johan Rig too allowing me to set the rig down. Very neat little monopod-table top tripod-handle. Not a bad price on sale for $16.99 at Calumet.

4 thoughts on “Calumet – MiniPod / Tabletop Tripod / Handle

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  2. Nick

    I'm obsessed with finding a quality mini-tripod for my T2i. I cam across a fantastic deal from this 10" Flexible Tripod For DSLRs) ebay seller just the other day. It's nice and sturdy, and doesn't cost what an equivalent Gorillapod would. I believe max weight it can hold is 6 pounds, which is enough for many to attach their entire rig!

    Just thought I'd share.

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