DIY DSLR Rig / Dolly – Packs up Small


Thanks to Thomas for sending in a very interesting DIY DSLR Rig. The entire rig was built by his father to be super light, super modular, and even adds a few wheels for some dolly style tracking. Everything packs up into a small bag, DIY follow focus included. There's a bit more information and a bunch more photos following the link to his blog.

[Thanks Thomas]

8 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Rig / Dolly – Packs up Small

  1. Blucross

    Looks like a cool little invention. I would rock one.

    Best quote ever from his website "Thank you again father.. we’re so fucking proud of your fantastic Octopussy®!!!"


  2. Fabdex

    Octopussy looks nice, but looking at the pictures on the guy's website, I have to admit it doesn't look very usable: looks too short ! And those little wheels...

    But it's cute !

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