YouTube member NitsanPictures shares a few simple ideas on how to combine the P&C pistol grip with a P&C friction arm from to stabilize your small camera. The combination of the two could be used as a basic target shooter or a long handle. A great tip if you plan on traveling light with only a small camera like the new Sony RX100. [Thanks Nitsan].


Thanks to HDSLRNOW for the early video overview of the new Komodo Rotating Video Dolly from The Komodo video dolly was designed for the demands of a slightly larger table dolly to support a heavier payload. The unique design uses more surface area around the axles to provide more 1/4-20 mounting areas along the entire Dolly frame.

The Komodo Video Dolly comes complete with a Heavy Duty Ball head and is made available today over at

Komodo Dolly_09
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Keep in mind, that I do design products that are sold through, so this entire post might seem biased. Hopefully you'll consider this post to be more informational about the various products out there. Earlier this week, YouTube member NitsanPictures pointed out the differences between the Variable Friction Arms carried by and another one he purchased elsewhere.

I have mentioned that the P&C friction arms were different than others a few times through the blog comments, but I don't know if it's fairly obvious to everyone out there. does not manufacture these friction arms, but has worked directly with the manufacturer to ensure that small changes were made to improve the overall design. There are other manufacturers making similar friction arms, but lack the toothed joint to prevent slippage. So wherever you make your purchase, be aware of this small design change which is the better ones on the market.

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We've had great success reaching out to the community for some suggested names with our last product launch - The Komodo Dolly. If you haven't seen the Dolly, you can check it out along with a current contest (ends June 30th) to win one of 16 prizes here:

This time we have another product soon to be released that will be available at This will be our basic and very affordable video accessory cage, designed to hold your camera and provide several new mounting points to add accessories like an LED light, LCD monitor, Audio Recorders, and more. It's slightly wider than most camera bodies so that you can shoot handheld (Spacing your hands away from the camera adds stability).

For handles, we're using something similar to our custom P&C Pistol Grip Molds. Right now it looks low in the photo (above), which would be perfect for GH2, Sony NEX type cameras, and even a full Canon DSLR. If you want to add a quick release baseplate inside, there's small adapters that you can add to adjust the height.

So we're on the home stretch with one of our Basic Video Accessory Cages, and we need another name. Soon after the name pick, we can finish the final manufacturing and have these available to ship in the next few weeks. So,here's another small and simple contest, and to the winner we'll be giving away one of these cages if we choose your suggested name pick. All you have to do is leave a comment with what you think we should call this. I'm hoping to have a name chosen and comments will be closed by the end of the weekend. Thanks guys!

[Update] Comments Closed. We'll be choosing a Winning Name soon. Thanks for the participation.


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A few months ago I posted a little contest to give this new dolly a name, so Congratulations to Kerry Garvey of for helping us out with that. We decided to go with the suggested name 'Komodo Dolly' [Thanks Kerry]. We'll be shipping one of the first units out to Kerry for the win.

The Pico Dolly from is a very versatile unit, but some have expressed interest for a slightly larger table dolly. The new Komodo Dolly is not only a bit larger than the Pico, but it also has a unique adjusting baseplate design that allows for a more compact tracking position and added several mounting options for accessories.

Komodo Dolly_07
Komodo Dolly_09
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Before the Komodo Dolly becomes available at, they've decided to hold a little contest, and a total of 16 (yes sixteen) lucky people have a chance to win various prizes before it's released for sale. All you have to do is upload a short video review on YouTube about any of your favorite P&C gear (grip, swiss rods, pico dolly, etc.), plug the website, and submit a link to your video in the comments of this article.

Prize Information

  • Grand Prize winner will receive the new Komodo Dolly (before it's released for sale).
  • Two Second-Place Winners will receive a Pico Dolly Kit (complete with Friction Arm + Shark Clip)
  • Three Third-Place winners will receive a Pico Dolly (dolly only)
  • And for honorable mention to some excellent Video Reviews submitted to our contest, we're giving away (10) TEN individual P&C Pistol Camera Grips.
  • Contest Ends and all submission must be placed by June 30th, 2012.
    [Update] Comments Closed, thanks everyone. We'll send out your prizes.

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    This time I took my Canon S100 out on a few different Painter Poles with the Palo Alto adapter. One pole is around 16' fully extended, and then I wanted to test out my 30' (30 feet) Unger Pole. These are video examples, but ideally it would be best suited for still photography.

    There's some additional information about the Palo Alto adapters in my previous article: In the video below i'm using my Unger 9'-30' Telescoping Pole found here: There is also no image stabilization done in post, so you can imagine the improvement if I had.

    The Palo Alto adapter was something I wanted to make for my own hobbies, but ended up making a small quantity available which sold out in a single day. The next small batch wasn't available until 9 months later (just last week) and again sold out in less than three days. It's such a niche market, that we are still only running them off in small quantities, but they should be available again, so check it out to see if it's something you'd be interested in playing with. You can find the Palo Alto adapters available at (click here).

    find-price-button Palo Alto Paint Pole Adapter from


    Thanks to Joel from HDSLRNOW for adding the P&C Swiss Rod as one of his video quick tips. With it's industry standard threading, you can see how Joel attached the Swiss Rod directly to his rig without any additional modification, and immediately opened up several new mounting options for accessories. The Swiss Rod is also a standard 15mm rail, so it can be attached using a variety of straight clamps, or 90 degree rig clamps. If Joel had added the rail to a clamp instead of in-line, you can see how All of his accessories would be on a Quick Release system by just un-clamping the rod. You can find some additional information about the Swiss Rods in my old video (click here).

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    Thanks to YouTube member dim3m for sending in this fine example of a modified Pico Flex Dolly. [Thanks dim3m] The rear trailer contains the servo, servo controller, batteries, etc. The laser alignment shows you the cross point reference for the center of rotation. Having motorized control gives you more consistent movement across the entire rotation. Aside from fancy rotating shots, the Pico Flex can mimic side to side slider shots, or push / pull dolly shots. Especially useful for B-Roll, cut away, or pick up shots with small product reviews. For more information on the Pico Flex Skater Table Dolly check out

    PicoPico (15 of 19)
    find-price-button Pico Flex - Table Skater Rotating Video Dolly


    YouTube video from Fstoppers shows some features of the latest Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceivers (same unit can transmit and receive). They are really stepping up their game, and it's an entirely different unit compared to earlier version Pocket Wizard Plus system. The new Pocket Wizard Plus III was just recently announced, but is already available for pre-order (click here).

    find-price-button Pocket Wizard Plus III Transciever