Alicia Keys – Un-thinkable (I’m ready) DSLR Video

The Alicia Keys Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) music video was shot on Canon DSLR's. If i'm not mistaken by the screens, it's on Canon 5D Mark II. There's a cool little behind the scenes video posted over here.

After reviewing the BTS, i'm seeing they are using some very big video lights to balance the lighting in the different scenes. What's most important though is that regardless of time of day the Video monitor always displayed the camera set to 1/50th shutter speed and aperture 2.8. Someone mentioned the rules of shooting DSLR video, the shutter speed should be about twice your frame rate. Which means they are opting to using the 24p setting on the Canon DSLR.

It's a great look, I agree and 2.8-5.6 has always been my favorite for video. Coming down to a shutter speed of 1/50th in broad daylight WITH continuous video lights though? That means they are using some heavy ND filters to stop everything down. Take a tip from the pros, and if you're looking to be able to shoot at this range, you'll need something like the Fader ND filter. The Fader ND is a variable neutral density filter that will cut down the amount of light going into the camera allowing you to shoot at 2.8 apertures with slower shutter speeds. Just make sure you grab the right filter size for the lens you're using.

If you want to save yourself some bucks, buy the largest ND filter for your gear and then you can always grab some step down filter rings to fit them on your smaller lenses by clicking here.

Check out the videos and some of the screen grabs.

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    It works on my web browser. I'm sure you can find the video on YouTube, it's the Un-Thinkable music video.

  2. Mr Fusion

    "This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

    Ah well. I'll take your word for it. I've got a Fader ND on the way now. Can't wait!

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