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The Apple iPhone 4 quickly took to video hobbyists with shorts and music videos being completely shot on the device. This time YouTube member Kyle Roberts shoots an entire music video on a Nokia N8. Aside from the N8 itself, there's some serious Tripods and Sliders going on in this BTS video. There's also some DIY gear involved to work with the small form factor of the device. Sure it might just be another cell phone music video but it's been shot, edited, and uploaded which is more than what most people can do with even the fanciest of gear. It's all for the love and the fun, and it's a way to get out and shoot - No excuses. You can catch the final color graded and edited music video at the end of the BTS clip. [Thanks Kyle]



Music video shot on (2) Canon 5D Mark II's. Here's the final version of a project I was invited to hang out with. A friend of mine told me they had plans to shoot a music video (all DSLR) at a San Francisco residence, so he invited me to check it out and bring some of my gear. This music video was for the artist 'Sherlock Tones' on a song featuring Terra Rothman titled 'Distant Strangers'.

The fairly large crew on set were kind enough to let me shoot along side as 'Camera B', with my Canon 5D Mark II and I was able to provide a few nice lenses that ended up being used quite frequently. Lenses used were primarily the Canon 100mm Macro IS F/2.8 (my new one), 85mm F/1.2, Canon 50mm F/1.4, and I believe Canon 24mm was on hand. There was a RedRock EyeSpy deluxe with Follow Focus on hand, but many of the shots were handheld or Tripod, and also the $99 slider played a very small role. You can catch some of the BTS footage shot by Warren during the music video shoot, and all cast and crew credit information can be found at this Vimeo link.

Thanks to all the guys who let me hang out. Hopefully I wasn't too much in the way of all the production, and helped contribute a little something to a very awesome shoot!

Credits from the Vimeo Link:
"Distant Strangers" is available on iTunes: ow.ly/29N6s

Director - Anton Delfino
Producers - Reinel Adajar, Khattab McIntosh, AC Lorenzo, Melissa Santikul, Eric Quintana
Co-Producers - Albert Mangay, Anton Delfino
Cinematographer - Albert Mangay
1st Assistant Director - AC Lorenzo
Gaffer/Media Manager - Eric Quintana
Production Designer - Melissa Santikul
Hair/Makeup - Katrina Baligaya
1st Assistant Camera - Chester Manuel
B Camera Operator - Emm
Media Assistant/Playback - Warren Moises
Production Assistants - Anthony Dimalanta, David Liem
Locations - Penelope Lim
Catering/Craft Services - Regina Lim, Victoria Delfino

Special Thanks - Tess Arenzana, Joy Bontigao, Monica Santos Quintana, Caleb Quintana, Julius Sambajon, Jon Fordham, Paciano Triunfo, John Raposas, AJ Calomay, Patricio Ginelsa, Christal Calderon, Jess Lin, Borrowlenses.com, Portillo's, Sherlock Tones and Inhouse Records

This probably isn't the real music in the above video. It appears someone may have pulled down the video, remixed the music, and then published via Vimeo. So if you're not seeing a Video above, it's probably been taken down.

The point of this post is to point out that this music video was shot with DSLR's, I'm guessing most likely Canon since Nikon isn't up to par with 1080. All that work and no 1080 just doesn't make much sense to me. Anyways, don't listen to the music so much as to view the actual Video footage caught on DSLR's. Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers

More information can be found at EventFilmMaker.com


The Alicia Keys Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) music video was shot on Canon DSLR's. If i'm not mistaken by the screens, it's on Canon 5D Mark II. There's a cool little behind the scenes video posted over here.

After reviewing the BTS, i'm seeing they are using some very big video lights to balance the lighting in the different scenes. What's most important though is that regardless of time of day the Video monitor always displayed the camera set to 1/50th shutter speed and aperture 2.8. Someone mentioned the rules of shooting DSLR video, the shutter speed should be about twice your frame rate. Which means they are opting to using the 24p setting on the Canon DSLR.

It's a great look, I agree and 2.8-5.6 has always been my favorite for video. Coming down to a shutter speed of 1/50th in broad daylight WITH continuous video lights though? That means they are using some heavy ND filters to stop everything down. Take a tip from the pros, and if you're looking to be able to shoot at this range, you'll need something like the Fader ND filter. The Fader ND is a variable neutral density filter that will cut down the amount of light going into the camera allowing you to shoot at 2.8 apertures with slower shutter speeds. Just make sure you grab the right filter size for the lens you're using.

If you want to save yourself some bucks, buy the largest ND filter for your gear and then you can always grab some step down filter rings to fit them on your smaller lenses by clicking here.

Check out the videos and some of the screen grabs.


You've heard the song on the Radio somewhere. Check out the video.

Here's the Behind the Scenes showing the DSLR's in use.

Go Canon! I believe there's a T1i or possibly a 550D / T2i on set too. Now before you start going out thinking you can shoot a Music Video with your gear, i've had the chance to be on set for a very 'small' music video. There's much more than a fancy camera that comes in play. Lenses of course help get a good sharp clean look, but lighting and storyboarding is at a whole other level. Then there is some very creative post production editing and color grading. Last but not least, it never hurts to have a fat mansion and countless beautiful women on set to ensure you've nailed down a solid Rap Video. BTW, I can send anyone my rates if they need assistance in shooting a music video, and I can negotiate my rates or possibly work for free if there are countless beautiful women on set. You can contact me on through the contact form.....