vDSLR LED Video Lights Going Going Gone!

It's crazy crazy crazy. I'm getting a ton of questions and comments about these LED Video lights. Seems that the old links that I have to these lights are ALL SOLD OUT!. I've purchased 3 of these myself and i'm lovin' it. I've even started to make Barn Doors, Snoots, Grids, and other Diffusers for them. I'm using them as a Continuous Lighting Kit for interviews, and since they are hot-shoe mountable, i've even used them with my Photography Umbrella Brackets. I was able to locate another USA seller for these lights, but who knows how much longer they'll last. Click the link Below.

Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

13 thoughts on “vDSLR LED Video Lights Going Going Gone!

  1. great lights...let the "haves" go ahead with their Litepanels...may they NEVER hear of the moneysaving endeavours of the Cheesycam Nation!!
    Thank you for empowering the 'have-nots' and "have-less' of us who still have the creative spark and passion for phot/video acquisition!!
    -Established and wealthy...STEP OFF!!

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  5. Emm

    Post author

    Portraits normally require different types of light diffusion or light modifiers. I don't think this is going to be a broad enough source and once behind some type of diffusion or modifier, wouldn't have the power and wouldn't mix well with available light.

  6. Will this LED light work good on Portrait shots?

    Can I make a kinda photography studio in my home using these..??

    Need suggestion..!!

    Camera using: CAnon T2i.

  7. kz

    hey man, what are you using to mount your lights? i keep trying to find a female hot shoe piece but ive had no luck.

  8. Hi,

    I appreciate all your solutions. Do you have an example of a DIY barndoors model for the CN-126? I am trying a couple approaches, but wanted to see if you came up with anything.



  9. Hi there!

    LOVE your blog! It's a daily must read for me.

    Question about the white balancing with the filters, have you tried the yellow filter? I know that's supposed to be balanced for tungsten light, yet it seems to have other weird color cast after I set the camera to tungsten white balance, have you encountered the same problem?

    If so, have you found a solution already?

    Keep up the great work


  10. dorn

    Its a very nice and cheap light, though its a bit green...
    I used a minus-green correction (pink-looking) to fix this, now the light is great!
    but be aware of the hot-shoe-mount, the screws don't really hold the light. I changed them with metal-screws...

    I ordered it via ebay from hongkong to germany, worked fine.

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  12. I bought one a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. Have been thinking about upgrading to the 160LED version, which is exactly the same size physically, but has higher brightness. Any reason why you didn't get the 160LED version instead?


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