Varavon Sony A7s Armor II Cage External T-Power Batter and Varavon Armor Shogun Cage

Optimizing the Sony A7s camera for best performance means working with an external battery because the stock internal batteries suck. Getting the best means adding a 4K HDMI recorder like the Atomos Shogun, because it can't record it's highest quality internally.

sony a7s camera kit
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Atomos shogun recorder
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To run a camera system with these add-ons, you'll need a cage system for mounting these accessories. While there are many options for putting a kit together, in this video we'll be taking a look at the Varavon Sony A7s Armor II Cage, Varavon T-Power A7s Battery Kit, and Varavon Armor Shogun Cage.

The Sony A7s Armor II Cage features a Top Handle, Audio and HDMI Locks, Leather Hand Strap, cold shoe mount, (3) 15mm Rod Clamps, (1) 15mm Carbon Rod, and several threaded mounting points. For more information on this kit, visit the product page (here).

Sony A7s Armor II Cage Varavon
find-price-button Varavon Armor II Cage for the Sony A7s

The Varavon Armor for Atomos Shogun features a one piece cage design, HDMI locks, XLR audio shock protection, threaded mounts, rubber dampers, and optional battery or solid state drive brackets. For information about the Varavon Armor cage for Atomos Shogun visit the product page (here).

Varavon Armor Atomos Shogun
find-price-button Varavon Armor Cage for Atomos Shogun Monitor Recorder

The Varavon A7s external Battery Kit comes with a High Capacity Cell, A7s Battery Coupler, 2.1-5.5 Cable, and Charging Adapter. This battery hit will allow the Sony A7s to run more than 4 times longer than standard sony batteries. For more info visit the product page (here).

Sony A7s Battery Kit T-Power Varavon
find-price-button Varavon High Capacity Sony A7s Battery Kit

18 thoughts on “Varavon Sony A7s Armor II Cage External T-Power Batter and Varavon Armor Shogun Cage

  1. Abis

    Having the same issue on regular a7s, battery indicator on varavon battery says full but says battery exhausted on camera. Please help.

  2. hey guys, i tried this on the a7s ii, looks like the a7sii doesnt want to take it? it says battery exhausted even though i still have a lot on the battery indicator. emm - any help why?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Drew - You can just mount it on top of any 15mm base. Imagine mounting a camera to a shoulder rig. You would do the same, except it would already be in a cage.

  4. Drew

    Has anyone figured out a good base plate solution for the Armor II a7 cage?? It's the only failure of this cage

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @The Brand University - I honestly don't think the A7s cage would work on the A7RII. But if you like Varavon products, they are already working on an A7RII Cage: httpss://]

    Varavon A7RII Video Cage

  6. Is there any word on if the cage will fit the a7r2? This seems like a great solution, but Sony is turning over cameras so quickly these days, it may not make sense to get something so snug.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - I personally make my own wires if I want it a custom length. Just find the right adapters, basic wires, and solder. If you don't want to make one, you can use a really small project box to hold all the excess wiring. Just wind it up tight and put it in a small box, then cut two holes for the wires to go in and out.

  8. Patrick

    Yo Emm! Just picked up the battery tpower. I'll be mounting it on top of camera. Any tips on managing super long wire?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Pete - I'm not sure what the battery Amps are rated at, but I think a monitor would be fine. An LED would probably draw too much power from the battery though. If you're looking for a single battery solution to power multiple devices, I would have to suggest looking into those V-Mount power distribution boxes.

  10. Pete

    Hey Emm,

    This power solution looks very convenient - is it possible to split the DC out to power a monitor, and small LED? Was wondering if that would tax the battery and or multiple devices.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Cagliostro - I think you're overthinking something pretty simple, and people have been using this kit for almost a year now. Maybe for you to feel safe though, just look into another product.

  12. Cagliostro

    Thank you addressing my concerns, but from your answers I'd have to assume they took the appropriate measures to prevent damage. It'd be nice if they confirm the dummy battery has a regulator, or if they did testing beforehand to confirm damaging the internal components is impossible as opposed to improbable, especially when they are marketing their product specifically for use with the A7s. I was ready to get 3 batteries when I noticed the voltage discrepancy.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Cagliostro - I doubt it will be any problem. Example: The Canon DSLR uses 7.2V batteries but the AC adapter with dummy battery is over 8 volts. The Sony is probably the same. Even though the battery is 7.2V it can probably accept more. Secondly, the dummy battery for the Varavon kit probably has a regulator built in. Most of these do. They even sell cables for D-Tap on a V-Mount to Sony which is connected directly to a 14V V-Mount battery. The adapter has a regulator built in to drop the 14V down to a safe level and sometimes this has an internal fuse too, in case it exceeds the safe voltage. I just don't forsee any issues.

  14. Cagliostro

    The battery voltage for the A7s is 7.2V, not 7.4V; this battery can only be set to they guarantee that this difference in voltage won't damage the A7s' components? I know it's a small difference, but how do we know we can use this battery safely?

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @AMPM - I don't know of an Atomos cage that will allow use of the stock Sunhood. I know you can get an aftermarket 10" sunhood and place it over most cages.

  16. AMPM

    Great review emm thanks. Does it look like there's any clearance on the Shogun cage to fit the Atomos Sun Shade?

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