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Optimizing the Sony A7s camera for best performance means working with an external battery because the stock internal batteries suck. Getting the best means adding a 4K HDMI recorder like the Atomos Shogun, because it can't record it's highest quality internally.

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To run a camera system with these add-ons, you'll need a cage system for mounting these accessories. While there are many options for putting a kit together, in this video we'll be taking a look at the Varavon Sony A7s Armor II Cage, Varavon T-Power A7s Battery Kit, and Varavon Armor Shogun Cage.

The Sony A7s Armor II Cage features a Top Handle, Audio and HDMI Locks, Leather Hand Strap, cold shoe mount, (3) 15mm Rod Clamps, (1) 15mm Carbon Rod, and several threaded mounting points. For more information on this kit, visit the product page (here).

Sony A7s Armor II Cage Varavon
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The Varavon Armor for Atomos Shogun features a one piece cage design, HDMI locks, XLR audio shock protection, threaded mounts, rubber dampers, and optional battery or solid state drive brackets. For information about the Varavon Armor cage for Atomos Shogun visit the product page (here).

Varavon Armor Atomos Shogun
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The Varavon A7s external Battery Kit comes with a High Capacity Cell, A7s Battery Coupler, 2.1-5.5 Cable, and Charging Adapter. This battery hit will allow the Sony A7s to run more than 4 times longer than standard sony batteries. For more info visit the product page (here).

Sony A7s Battery Kit T-Power Varavon
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I just received the new Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder / Monitor and obviously I plan to pair it up with the Sony A7s to utilize it's 4K Video feature (via HDMI only), and also test out 10Bit 4K via the GH4.

It's #4K time on Sony #A7s and 10 bit #4K on #Panasonic #GH4 #atomos #shogun #hdmirecorder

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For something this heavy, it's probably not a great idea to mount it directly to the Hot Shoe of the camera, so you'll need to look into using some type of accessory mount or Camera Cage. Here's a look at two Varavon Armor Pro Cages designed for the Sony A7s and Panasonic GH4.

Instead of a fairly large generic shell, each Armor Cage is custom designed only to fit a specific camera. This allows the cage to be remain very slim and allowing full access to the camera's dials, inputs, and doors. Each Varavon Armor Cage comes with a leather Hand Strap, while some packages offer a Top Handle and optional rotating ENG Hand Grip.

To maximize the run time on these cameras (I really need one for the Sony A7s), Varavon also offers external battery power solutions for many types of cameras.

GH4 extended battery Sony A7s extended battery power external
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For more information about these cages and optional accessories, check out the Varavon website (here).

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