Varavon Arc Slider – Curved Slider

Varavon is pumping new products out fairly quickly and another innovative item they have recently released is the new Slidecam Arc Video Camera Slider. As far as I know this is the first and currently the only 'curved' video camera slider on the market.

Varavon Arc Slider Curved Dolly

Curved Video Camera Slider Varavon Arc

Though it looks like a solid made product that will work great to track around a central subject, you have to wonder if maybe it is too niche? I'd love to see video examples of the product in use.[Update] Just embedded the latest video showing the Slidecam Arc. It's already available on the market, but after reading this article i'm curious as to what everyone's feedback is on this new Varavon Slidecam Arc Slider?

Varavon Curved Arc SliderVaravon Arc Slider Dolly
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12 thoughts on “Varavon Arc Slider – Curved Slider

  1. I purchased the Vararon motorized slider last week. The actual arc is well built and solid but the motor for the unit is truly a piece of garbage. The tracking rubber winds into the motor housing and all it does is grind. It won't move left or right and appears to be built by a toy company. You cannot find any videos or info on this problem. I am sending it back and willing to try another unit. I like the curve. I have a straight rail slider but if you are trying to track an interview subject it's impossible to smoothly stay on the subject by hand moving the head.

  2. i bought one of these, the build quality is good except that the roller block design is poor... ie the wheels are too close,so any excess strain put on the block results in invisible yet disastrous dents in the track. one heavy lens & the thing will never run smoothly again.

  3. i wish there are more samples to this for far/wide ranges not just the close shots//

    also, sample video shows camera arcing outwards which is a no-no in dslr cameras

  4. Thanks for all suggestions. There is big different between skate dolly and this curve slider.

    skate dolly only could only be use in limited space and horizontal surface , it could be take as only a part of the curve slider.

    But the point is that slider arc could fixed on a tripod and be used in various situation not only level shooting.

    Also, it is very convenient and be able to get great result.

  5. Sam

    It's pretty easy to accomplish the same effect when your slider is center mounted on a tripod, and panning both the tripod head and the slider head while you go slowly around a subject. Cool design and idea though.

  6. Hey Varavon, if you're reading this blog, what you need to do is make the curvature of this thing less acute (if I'm describing this correctly) and figure out a way to connect two of those, like tracks, without the carriage going through a "bump" at the point of connection. Now if you make that, I'd lay down my money in an instant. Can it be done? I don't know. But freakin' Metabones just made a .71x focal lens ... reducer with . . . gain of one stop! If they can make that, make you can make what I'm describing!

  7. Slider shots have become so predictable that I've often wished to see a curved slider. I would love to see some footage first, but may take the plunge anyway.

  8. Interesting product, but I wonder if it has a snowball's chance in hell. My take, from just reading the specs, is that it's too small to do anything else but say object table-top photography/cinematography. And for that, in most cases you can use a spider dolly, pico dolly, etc. If would be great if you could do a semi circle around a person, but this looks too small for that.

  9. Luca

    I wish it could join together to make a complete circle but depending on the surface the pico dolly could accomplish similar results.

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