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Varavon is pumping new products out fairly quickly and another innovative item they have recently released is the new Slidecam Arc Video Camera Slider. As far as I know this is the first and currently the only 'curved' video camera slider on the market.

Varavon Arc Slider Curved Dolly

Curved Video Camera Slider Varavon Arc

Though it looks like a solid made product that will work great to track around a central subject, you have to wonder if maybe it is too niche? I'd love to see video examples of the product in use.[Update] Just embedded the latest video showing the Slidecam Arc. It's already available on the market, but after reading this article i'm curious as to what everyone's feedback is on this new Varavon Slidecam Arc Slider?

Varavon Curved Arc SliderVaravon Arc Slider Dolly
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