Three Accessory Mount HotShoe Bracket

Looking for the most simplest way to mount a Rode VideoMic, LED Light, and Zoom H1 to your camera - all at one time? There's nothing more simple than this Triple Hotshoe Accessory Bracket. Under the bracket's mount is a 1/4-20 thread so you can also use this on a lightstand. Great for stacking several small LED lights to a single stand for a larger light source.

Even the basic Vello Triple bracket can run for about $30 bucks (seen here), but right now this other Triple Bracket has recently been reduced in price to about $12 dollars and ships free for Amazon Prime members too check it out (Click Here).

Three Bracket HotShoe Accessory Mount
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6 thoughts on “Three Accessory Mount HotShoe Bracket

  1. nero355

    Does anyone know if there is a similar product available which has 1 side as a dummy (for a mic) and the other side directly above the hotshoe with "pass through" for the flash connection ??

    I have been Googling for a while now and all I can find is 1/2/3 or even 5 dummy hotshoe extenders 🙁

    I don't want to run around with too many cables hanging around on my camera so 2x a dummy hotshoe isn't a option.

  2. Brent Barrie

    Honestly, this is by far one of the worst things I have ever invested in.

    At first it seems like a sturdy option, but try to put anything that isn't light on this, and immediately you will worry about the safety of the top of your DSLR. It is anything but rock solid.

    Not to mention it often slips and gets loose on its own.

    I suggest staying away from this product, and simply getting a small cage. Much more secure that way.

    It's really weak honestly. I wouldn't trust much on top of this beyond a Zoom h1, and maybe a Rode Videomic pro.

    The middle shoe is practically useless at times, because things are usually too big to fit in there.

    Buy right, or buy twice as they say.

  3. Travis W

    I just bought this last week for like $20 I think.

    Anyway its decent (and good for $12), but not rock solid. For one the entire thing tightens on the middle mount, but the more you tighten it, it begins to bend up the metal hot shoe piece that sits on the screw. And then it feels a little loose in the camera hot shoe but shouldn't slip out.

    I put a 160LED light, shotgun, and H4n and it had me a little nervous. I'm shooting an event with it tomorrow night so should have a good idea if it can take all the weight and being carried around.

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