GeChic On-Lap Portable 13″ LCD with HDMI For Video

Jack shares a find in the comments about this GeChic 13" Portable LCD that can be used as a secondary screen for your laptop. [Thanks Jack]. Ok, so this is mainly a DSLR Video blog - there's more to this product.

The 13" screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 (about HD resolution), but the real kicker is that it can be powered via simple USB 5V and has the option for HDMI input that can be used with Video cameras (your DSLR camera). This solves several problems for those who want to tote around a decently sized monitor around with HD resolution for remote monitoring. While the video above gives a different price, it's currently $168. Check it out on (here).

GeChic 13" USB Powered Portable LCD Display with HDMI

13 thoughts on “GeChic On-Lap Portable 13″ LCD with HDMI For Video

  1. Adventurebutter

    You get what you pay for most of the time. AOC monitors are priced cheaply, so you get image lags, washed out colors, and a heavy monitor (when they're supposed to be portable). I have used this before and returned it and looked for other options.

    For other users out there- there is another monitor I would highly recommend: GeChic 1303H 13.3" IPS 1080p display. On Amazon is it much more expensive than AOC, more than $300, but remember it comes with an IPS panel (none of that cheap TN panel AOC uses) and the resolution is 1080p. I had to dish out more money for GeChic, but it was totally worth it. When displayed next to my MacBook Pro with Retina screen, the colors were almost the same- AND i could adjust color settings.

    You can get the GeChic 1303H on Amazon:

  2. Helmet Vanga

    This flat LCD looks pretty nice, it will work really good for those small little computers The Raspberry Pi B+ and the Banana Pi.

  3. tim

    @Emm I was wondering about that, would it work with the really small phone type battery packs as well? that would be really handy to build onto a rig...any tried it out yet?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Frankie - The Camera's USB will NOT be able to power this monitor. But because it works on basic 5V USB power, these batteries might work with it: httpss://

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