The first Fig Rig for iPhone?

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An iPhone is a small device, and so far many of the stabilizers have been short handles. Earlier this week Tate Nations showed us his version of the DSLR Cage Fig Rig painted Red. Tate probably had a lot of left over strut rail to come up with this other use. This has to be the first Fig Rig i've seen for use with the iPhone. Some might think it's overkill, but remember there is an iPhone Cinema Kit out there that will run you about $900 that's 'overkill'. Overkill or not, it's DIY, pure fun, and i'm sure it provides excellent stabilization. Very cool DIY which would be interesting to see people's reactions when this hits those events.

4 thoughts on “The first Fig Rig for iPhone?

  1. Ha, I'm hardly a fan boy. Just a fan of finding different uses for all the gear in my bag. The rig can accommodate a different camera as easy as it can that clamp.

  2. Hey! Thanks for posting this! One's local camera shop probably has that Promaster clamp cheaper than Amazon but it is so, so useful. From holding an iPhone in place to popping a strobe onto a fence, it's paid for itself easily.
    I'll be posting some vid from this rig soon. Again, thanks for the awesome design.

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