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This thing took about 13 days to ship to California, but it's finally here and i'm pretty impressed. This adapter allows you to mount Canon EF lenses to the Sony NEX camera and control all of the aperture settings natively. I haven't tried it yet, but it should communicate with the lens and store EXIF information into your photos as well. As you can see from the video it works pretty flawlessly, responds very quick, and build quality is very nice. To enable IS when taking photos, you would hold the shutter half way down - or that's what I had to do to get it going. During Video Mode, the Image Stabilization is on as soon as you start recording.

I didn't have much time to test everything as i'm getting ready to fly out for PhotoPlus, but I did try to 'wig out' the adapter. When removing the lens while the camera was still powered on, the aperture controls didn't come back. The adapter does not like hot lens swaps. Simply powering the camera down doesn't always help, but removing the entire adapter from the camera body and then starting over always works. There is another Metabones adapter out there that can adapt EF lenses to NEX cameras, but it's about twice the price. I have not had the chance to test this on an FS100 or Sony FS700, but i'm hopeful it should work seamlessly. If you're shooting on the Sony NEX system, you might want to give this guy a try. You can find this Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX adapter via eBay (Click Here).

Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Aperture AdjustmentCanon EF to Sony NEX Iris Adapter
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I wanted to test out this cheap variable ND filter from Fotga (found here on eBay), and so I purchased a small 46mm filter to fit my Sigma E-Mount lens on the Sony NEX7. Major major fail today because I left that camera at home.

So today I just held it in front of the Canon 40mm F/2.8 pancake shooting with the T4i. I wanted to see if there was a purplish color cast (normally found on cheap variable ND filters), but was very relieved to see it didn't! My camera was set to manual at 1/50th shutter speed, F/2.8, and ISO 100. You'll see a section of the video where I pull the filter away. To keep this ideal shutter speed and still shoot at a wide aperture, you can see how overexposed the camera would be without an ND filter.

The next test everyone is wondering about would be loss of sharpness, especially when shooting at longer focal lengths. Unfortunately I only ordered a 46mm which doesn't fit any of my longer lenses. It looks pretty good so far, so i'll place another order for a 77mm filter size. I'm happy with this $13.00 dollar purchase, even though it took several weeks to arrive, it's a perfect little ND filter for my little Sigma 30mm F/2.8.

Fotga Variable ND Filter
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Can you believe? I think it was about 7-8 months ago when I posted an article about some of Sony's new cameras to be released. One of them was the Sony NEX-7 and it's finally just available on Amazon for the first time (at regular MSRP). Right now there's only one seller who has a few of the Body Only and Body + Kit Lens available.

It's been an amazing little camera and i'm still finding new things with it everyday. For instance, nobody talks about the fact that it has a built in Digital Zoom (like T3i). I can take a 35mm F/1.4 prime and make it a 70mm F/1.4 prime. Actually it can do up to 10x making it a 350mm F/1.4, but i'll have to do some tests to see what's still acceptable - At 10x you'll likely just see a bunch of blocks. The 10fps burst mode is just plain awesome and you'll never miss an action shot.

The EVF with Focus Peaking (red lines around sharp areas) will ensure you're getting focused images even if you're working with old manual lenses. I've adapted Canon EOS, Nikon, and Canon FD lenses for cheap. Yes it has a microphone input too. Unlike Canon it does offer 1080p @60fps. They are starting to trickle in, but with the long demand, they won't last long. Check out the first Sony NEX-7 cameras available on Amazon (click here).

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If you didn't catch it already, Olivia has some sample footage from the Sony NEX-7 on Varavon's latest mini Slidecam Lite video slider. I have yet to put my own montage together as soon as I can find something interesting to shoot with it.

Varavon SliderVaravon Bearings
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Sony had some major problems manufacturing the Sony NEX-7 camera, and it has been extremely delayed with very limited inventory. The good news is that Sony has ironed out some of their production issues and this awesome new camera is starting to ship and orders are being filled. You can order one from B&H (click here for Sony NEX-7 order), and if you're the impatient type there's a bunch already showing up on auction (click here for Sony NEX-7 auctions)

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I'm officially lovin' the new Sony NEX-7 camera that just dropped in today. The quality, performance, and build is amazing. So far i've tried the Canon 28mm FD lens, Rokinon 35mm F/1.4, and Nikon 50mm F/1.8. Of course my favorite is the Nikon 50mm F/1.8 pancake because it keeps the camera pretty small (that's the whole point of using an NEX7). Sorry I have no samples yet as I haven't had anything interesting to shoot today.


The video quality is also quite amazing, but it's nearly impossible to shoot hand held with this tiny camera and these old manual lenses. The Nikon 50mm F/1.8 feels more like it's at 100mm (without image stabilization). My solution is to use the dual PNC Custom Pistol grips and friction arm configuration. Instead of using it 'fig rig' style, I turned the rear handle sideways and used it more like a gun stock placed against my chest. This made a world of difference and totally eliminated the micro vibrations and rolling shutter 'jello' effect. When it's time to pack things away, the whole setup breaks down to just two handles and a folding arm. The Custom PNC Pistol Grip Camera Handles are back in stock at PhotographyandCinema.com or via eBay for International buyers (below).

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Big news for Sony shooters. The long awaited Sony NEX7 is available after some production delays. The Sony NEX-5n is still getting rave reviews for it's video quality, so it would be interesting to see how the NEX-7 will be performing as well. The listing might not be updated, but the email I received says the (black) Body is available now at B&H (click here).

Sony NEX-7
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