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Quick look at the new Rokinon 35mm T/1.5 Cine Lens. Basically same glass elements compared to their standard 35mm F/1.4 Photo lens. It's just a small $50 dollar difference in price, with a few Cine style features such as de-clicked aperture, lens gears on focus and aperture rings, and indicator markings placed towards the side.

Rokinon's first Cine lens was an 8mm T/3.8, but along with this 35mm F/1.5, they have also just made available their new 14mm T/3.1 and 24mm T/1.5 Cine lenses which just recently became available to purchase. Those wide angle 8mm and 14mm might come in handy for the new BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Check out the complete Rokinon Cine Lens collection in stock over at B&H (Click Here).

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So Rokinon had news a few weeks ago about releasing new 35mm, 24mm, and 14mm Cine style lenses. The 35mm Nikon mount version shows in stock status', and have already listed pre-order prices for the upcoming Rokinon 14mm T/3.1 and 24mm T/1.5.

These lenses already in exist in the Rokinon lineup, and the Cine versions are about $50 bucks more with a de-click aperture, relocated markings, and built in lens gear. Check out the new Cine lenses from Rokinon over at B&H following the link (Click Here).

Rokinon 14mm Cine lensRokinon Cine Lens 24mm
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I got up a bit late today and missed out on the Rokinon 85mm Lighting Deal, but not all is lost. Coming up in a few hours is another Lighting Deal for the Rokinon 14mm available in a variety of mounts including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Pentax.

People have been pretty hip to these deals as of late, and the last Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 lens deal sold out in one minute. If you're interested in a wide angle fast aperture lens, be swift and check out the deal that will hit later today via Amazon (Click Here).

Rokinon 14mm
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Rokinon 14mm Fisheye lens for Canon and Nikon

As of late, i've been pointed several times to the Rokinon 14mm Fisheye lens as a great cheap alternative for those looking to get super duper wide. It's old news in the Photography space, but with video on the DSLR's this bad boy is gaining a bit of steam. You can find positive feedback on many of the photography forums about how sharp of an image it can provide, especially for the money. Of course, by not having auto focus features in it's design definitely makes it easier to manufacture a sharper lens at a cheaper price.

Rokinon is not a lens manufacturer, but a brand of lens. So you'll find the same lens under popular names like Samyang. Don't go looking for Samyang though, that name alone adds a small hike to the price. The same lens found under Rokinon will yield cheaper results. If you're looking for the Canon 14mm Super Wide Angle F/2.8 you've better come with over 2K of change in the pocket. Going with an off brand manual focus lens will get you down cheaper, including the Bower 14mm f/2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Manual Focus, but that's still over priced compared to the Rokinon. If you're doing any type of Photography, a Fisheye lens in the tool bag is a great addition. You'll get a super wide image captured and there are plenty of 'fisheye' correcting software that can stitch images into normal view or 360 degree image panoramics for Real Estate Virtual tours. If you're not using Photoshop, there's free ones available i've used like 'RectFish'. For correcting distortion in video, that's a different story.

Correcting image distortion with RectFish

The 'Fisheye Look' is mostly popular with extreme sports for the ability to get everything in frame and with it's super wide view can mask unsteady movements. If you don't mind the fisheye distortion, it will make Steadicam type shots look butter smooth. Will it work on a full frame without vignette? Don't hold me to it, but my initial research says yes. Of course you will find much more 'fisheye' distortion with a Full Frame camera than would be on a Canon T2i, 7D, or 60D. For Nikon or Pentax users, you're in luck because it runs even cheaper for some reasons. No adapters needed like the Peleng fisheye lenses, these Rokinon's are built to mount. Better yet, the Rokinon 14mm also gets you to an F/2.8 serving pretty well in low light situations. If you've got more news, videos, or comments on the Rokinon, drop a comment.

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