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The R-300 light is one of my quick go-to lights used off camera on a set of stands. Battery power (or AC adapter), lightweight means I can go with lightweight stands, and compact for traveling. The R-300 can surprisingly match (if not better) the larger heavier 1x1 600 Panels (see this article). Recently F&V introduced a new Softbox Kit for the R-300. If you're wondering how much of a difference the softbox has, here's a video showing a few examples.

Notice the multi-shadows when the R-300 is just bare LEDs, and still a bit with the milk diffusion filter. Taking a look at the Softbox examples removes the multi shadows and softens the light. Using the honeycomb grid controls background spills and the image appears to have more contrast while still diffusing evenly across the plane.

FV r300 softbox screengrab

For me, this is quite a significant difference, enough to deem this new Softbox as a 'must-have' modifier for the R-300. I'm looking forward to really testing it out on the next interview piece. You can find the R-300 LED Video lights and Softbox Kits over at the F&V website (Click Here).

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r-300 led light softboximg_0394
find-price-button Soft Box and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

For EU customers, check out the F&V EU website (click here)
fv r300 led ring light
fv light softbox led light
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