F&V R-300 LED Video Ring Light Softbox Kit

The R-300 light is one of my quick go-to lights used off camera on a set of stands. Battery power (or AC adapter), lightweight means I can go with lightweight stands, and compact for traveling. The R-300 can surprisingly match (if not better) the larger heavier 1x1 600 Panels (see this article). Recently F&V introduced a new Softbox Kit for the R-300. If you're wondering how much of a difference the softbox has, here's a video showing a few examples.

Notice the multi-shadows when the R-300 is just bare LEDs, and still a bit with the milk diffusion filter. Taking a look at the Softbox examples removes the multi shadows and softens the light. Using the honeycomb grid controls background spills and the image appears to have more contrast while still diffusing evenly across the plane.

FV r300 softbox screengrab

For me, this is quite a significant difference, enough to deem this new Softbox as a 'must-have' modifier for the R-300. I'm looking forward to really testing it out on the next interview piece. You can find the R-300 LED Video lights and Softbox Kits over at the F&V website (Click Here).

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r-300 led light softboximg_0394
find-price-button Soft Box and Bracket for R-300 LED Ring Light

For EU customers, check out the F&V EU website (click here)
fv r300 led ring light
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18 thoughts on “F&V R-300 LED Video Ring Light Softbox Kit

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - If you have this problem try using an ac adapter to see if the lights stay on. I had that problem and it turned out to be my batteries. When I replaced the batteries it worked fine. I want to say the R300 at full power has a decent draw and cheap batteries can't keep up with it.

  2. Mark

    Based on everything I saw and read, I went all in on this light and the softbox kit. I have two of them, along with an older Z96 for use as a hairlight, and was so excited about it as a lightweight, battery-powered interview lighting kit. I've contacted the company about this as well, but I only get about 40 minutes of use before the lights cut out, and even with fresh batteries they will only stay on for a few seconds after that.
    One of the R-300s is maybe a year or so old, the other I just bought, but the run times are nearly identical for both. I tried with and without the softboxes on them, to see if the softbox is making the light heat up too much.
    Based on this performance, the product just won't work for me, and now I have a lot of money invested in the system. Has anybody else encountered this problem, or did I just get very unlucky with both lights?

  3. MS

    Looks to be handy battery powered kit for sit down interviews. Potentially looking at a kit of 2 with softboxes. But I can't seem to find a reseller in Singapore. F&V usa specifically will not ship as well. China websites don't seem to carry the spftbox. So where can o get my hands on it?

  4. Bkpr100

    Would 2xr300s + 2xsoftboxes be enough to completely light (full body) two interviewees sitting/facing the A cam (on the same horizontal plane) for a full body wide?

  5. @connor, yes but the flicker was only present when the ringlight was on and we where switching back and forth from 120fps and 240fps

  6. @nate - Connor here from F&V. What frame rate were you shooting at? Were there any other light sources being used with the ring light?

  7. I might sell some of my LED panels for some of these. I need battery operated lighting. And it seems these will have the same output and better spread than my panels

  8. i've worked with this light and it has awesome light output. but i also noticed it flickers pretty bad at high shutter speeds and for slowmotion. I rented it from a friend and he assured me it was flicker free but that was not the case. did he just get an old or bad copy or did anyone notice the flicker on any of their shoots as well?

  9. OldCorpse

    On max power... maybe, depending on how sensitive your cam is. Theoretically, there should be some slight difference between a softbox like this and an umbrella, because on the inside the softbox has reflective surfaces, so theoretically any side spill gets reflected right back through the softbox, thus making it slightly brighter than losing it as you would with an umbrella. I imagine though, that the effect is fairly small - though I have not measured that.

  10. Dan

    Just wondering from those who've used it if you could make it work as a key light for a single indoor interview, or does it scoop up too much light. I also wonder if just shooting through a umbrella would do as good a job (albeit w/o he spill protection.

  11. OldCorpse

    Agree with you 100% on all points. To be honest, I really wish they'd also make a softbox for their larger panel K4000. That would be super useful too, though obviously the design would have to be somewhat different.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - You are correct. I figured it out after the video, but after trying it both ways, I still prefer to mount it the 'incorrect' way. I don't really find the dimmer too obstructed to control to care about the cut out, and for these lights I think small light stands work as opposed to using a large C-stand with a clamp on the baby pin. I think they should have made two cut outs!

  13. OldCorpse

    Emm, I have this light and the softbox. However, you got one detail wrong. You stated that the flap with the cutout shows you which direction is the correct direction/orientation for the placement of the light, and that the cutout should be over the bracket ensuring you have access to the mounting point. But that is not correct. Take a close look at the F&V website with all the photos of how the softbox mounts on the R-300 - in each and every photograph, they show the cutout as being over the dimmer knob, NOT the bracket! So the orientation for the box mounted (on a lightstand or whatever) is meant to be vertical (longer sides go up and down), not horizontal (left to right).

    It's easy to make that mistake, because I first mounted the light exactly as you did, and only then took a closer look at to why the flaps weren't closing properly - I looked at the F&V photos and realized the cutout was over the dimmer knob in each and every photo. I suppose you could mount it either way, but the way I described is the way F&V designed it to be mounted.

  14. AdRath

    This is perfect. Glad I didn't waste any money on the milk diffuser with my new light.

    Too bad the F&V website doesn't ship to Canada and the local distributer doesn't carry the item.

  15. This is a very nice set up. Those shadows are so much softer. Also this gives you a bigger light source in a way making the shadow softer. Thanks for the video. I think I might try to sell some of my LED panels for a few of these.

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