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Big Balance is a company that has been showing off a few gimbals over the last few years, but until now the products have not been available for purchase. While i'm not sure when these products will be 'officially' available, they continue to show off a few new additions at the recent 2014 PhotoPlus Expo.

via YouTube Rik Cordero

If I would have to choose one i'm most interested in, it would be the Gibbon pistol grip style 2-Axis Gimbal for cameras like the GH4. With the newly developed dual handle addition, the Gibbon becomes a full 3-Axis stabilizer offering much more stability when walking or running. Many of the products shown in the video aren't yet available on the website, but there is additional information on other products over at the main website at https://bigbalance.com

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Here's another product we checked out over at PhotoPlus Expo 2013 NY. INOVATIV CARTS offer three main lines of equipment carts, each with three different versions depending on your needs. Accessories can be added to each cart to further customize the product according to your requirements. The carts can be broken down and folded up for travel without the use of any tools.

If you're shooting as a hobby, these are definitely pricey with the smallest Scout version starting at around $2500 dollars. If you're a professional who's shopped around, this is one of the more affordable portable Equipment Cart systems. I'm a big fan of rolling carts, and use them every single day, but I'm only using very cheap tool carts in the studio (as seen here). My cheap carts definitely aren't made for travel.

If the price of these folding INVOVATIV Carts can be justified by the work you do, you can find more information about INOVATIV Carts at their website https://invovativcarts.com.

Echo_Hero_PP_01_a-796x588 Ranger_Hero_PP_01-796x588 Scout_Hero_PP_01-796x588
INOVATIV Mobile Equipment Carts - ECHO / RANGER / SCOUT