Big Balance Gimbals – PhotoPLus Expo 2014

Big Balance is a company that has been showing off a few gimbals over the last few years, but until now the products have not been available for purchase. While i'm not sure when these products will be 'officially' available, they continue to show off a few new additions at the recent 2014 PhotoPlus Expo.

via YouTube Rik Cordero

If I would have to choose one i'm most interested in, it would be the Gibbon pistol grip style 2-Axis Gimbal for cameras like the GH4. With the newly developed dual handle addition, the Gibbon becomes a full 3-Axis stabilizer offering much more stability when walking or running. Many of the products shown in the video aren't yet available on the website, but there is additional information on other products over at the main website at

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19 thoughts on “Big Balance Gimbals – PhotoPLus Expo 2014

  1. Tomas

    Dear emm, thanks for the headsup. I was interested in the j69, or the ministurdyflight because the motor is on the right. This is interesting for gh4 users with a flip out screen. But i contacted pilotfly about it and they explained that the motors are inverted when placed right. And this is not good for stability. So the pilotfly h1+ and came-single look good but it bothers me I can't frame a good shot with the motor blocking sight...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Tomas - I wouldn't even bother looking at the J69, it's an outdated unit. Take a look at the newer systems httpss://

  3. Tomas

    What is the max load of the J69? And how long to the bateries last? And does it have a rotation security so that the cables do not snap?

  4. @Charles Harris
    Thanks For The Info On The J69 Gimbal. I Just Order One From Ebay For Only $439.00..
    Will It Be Possible For You To Hit Me Up To Help Me Balance It
    With My BMPCC. Your Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated..
    Contact Me At 863-703-0280 (Bobby)

  5. Alan

    Can anyone send a link to footage shot with the J69 and a pic of how you weighted the system with the gh4?

    Thanks for being brave consumers!

  6. Charles Harris

    After a few weeks playing with the J69 gimbal. I like it for a number of reasons, the handle is replaceable, the price is good enough compared to comparable devices and it works. I have used it with the Sony a6000 and nearly flawless flying. The BMPCC is good on it with additional weight for balancing. A weighted handle will take make it even better when I find or create one. I'm basing my comment on my use of my unextended monopod with it instead of the plastic handle it comes with. The link I provided above is a good illustration of the performance.

  7. Charles Harris

    I too have the J69 gimbal. I purchased the one labeled for the GH4 and Sony A7, then realized there was another labeled for the BMPCC which I have. Not sure how the two differ, but I have found it to work well with the Sony a6000. There are some balancing issues that can be overcome with weights or moving the camera platform on the roll axis to balance the BMPCC. I have not done that yet as I determine if there are any software configuration considerations I might need to consider. I would prefer to not add additional weight to the system.

  8. Florian


    I have the J69 Gimbal for the GH4 for a while now... tested different things... The only thing I can compare it too is the DJI Ronin which I used a couple of times too.

    It is definitely not as stable as the Ronin but extremely portable... I work in News/Documentaries and its great to just take it out and work with it immediately. The Ronin takes a lot of preparation.

    I custom made some counter weights for the J69 as it is difficult to balance the camera with the 12-35mm. I assume that this Big balance gimbal will be exactly the same, as it is the same construction.

    I also added a quick release plate to it which adds some weight. It might work better with a lighter setup like the Gh2 with a smaller lens...

  9. Rob S.

    I like that it can be used upside down. That lower hand position looks more comfortable for longer shots. I can't wait until there's a one handed gimbal for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. That's where all of this seems to be heading. Super portable stabilization.

  10. moodymarco

    Thanks Emm ! Your point confirms the review done by Russel in one of the youtube link in my previous post. That's a shame ... I'd love to have a small 3 axis gimbal for cameras around 800g / 1kg max. Let's wait and see ...

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @moodymarco - I have tried those gimbals. Pretty homemade stuff and on the steadymaker, the frame is all plastic with only one support arm and will just end up bouncing up and down. They didn't make the frame very nice for anything more than an iPhone or maybe a gopro.

    A photo posted by Emm (@mrcheesycam) on

  12. I bought a big balance Husky from them on pre-order. It has some nice features but the video is not steady at all. Do not buy a 2 axis gimbal. Here hard to take the shake out when you are walking. Pretty disappointed with the product.

  13. ryan

    @southerndude Yea, the 2 axis thing doesn't excite me too much but I do appreciate that a more compact version for gh4 size cams are being worked on. Guess we'll have to keep waiting.

  14. I looked at the video on their FBP, It's not very impressive at all, Pretty jerky. I would never purchase a 2 axis gimbal.

    3 axis are getting better and better and cheaper, would not be surprised to see a 4th axis for up and down to aid in walking or running, coming out soon.

  15. moodymarco

    Thanks Emm for this update. Never heard about this manufacturer, products look good, now we just have to wait and see at which price they're gonna retail it.
    There are more models of small gimbals for GH2 like cameras being released these days, but unfortunately little or no review available. I spotted the following ones recently:
    this particular model has been reviewed on youtube with mixed comments during the last couple of months here:
    and there:

    And lastly, there's this other small - and rather unusual gimbal:

    If anyone has more informations / experience with one of these, I'd be happy to read their thoughts about it.

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