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Over at NAB 2014 I stopped at the SHAPE booth to talk with Kirk Neff. I admit there's a bit of brown nosing on my end, but if you ever get the chance to chat with Kirk, it's inspiring to hear about the equipment (or lack of) he chooses to work with. He's a down-to-earth shooter not obsessed with RAW video or 4K cameras. No need for external HDMI ProRes recorders or 'Cine Style' lenses. His workflow is about being fast and functional with minimal gear.

I've got a lot of respect for this guy, as he's out there traveling the world, shooting long content news / documentary pieces for broadcast television and winning awards that are shot entirely from Nikon D800 DSLR cameras with Nikon auto focus lenses. So it's interesting to see the bundle that he decided to put together with SHAPE, and the pieces he personally feels are important for getting the job done.

Sold as a complete bundle so you don't need to fiddle, the Kirk Neff 2.0 Rig comes with an oversized DSLR Video Cage 2.0 with Quick release base, adjustable SHAPE shoulder rig, mini composite Shoulder Pad, Rear back pad, 'Swing Away' Matte Box with (2) 4x4 rotating filter trays, Telescopic push-button Adjustable Handles (Arri rossette), Follow Focus with both friction wheel and Gear, and on the website it also shows the expensive Cineroid EVF4RVW with Retina Display as part of this bundle. I'm sure i'm missing a few items, but you can find out more about this entire Kirk Neff 2.0 Shoulder Rig Kit over at the SHAPEWLB.com website (click here).

SHAPE DSLRKNOS20 PRODUCT PICTURE 640X480-v1_180x101SHAPE HAND12SH PRODUCT PICTURE 640X480-v1_180x101SHPAD3-640X480-v1_180x101SHAPE NEW MB4X4KIT-640x480-v1_180x101Cineroid-EVF-4rvw 640x480-v1_180x101FFCLIC-Aluminum gear-v1_180x101100729-001-v1_180x101SHAPE KIRKNEFF PRODUCT PICTURE 640x480-v1_285x160
find-price-button SHAPE Kirk Neff 2.0 DSLR Video Shoulder Rig Bundle

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Just a reminder that it's the final weekend to for the P&C GearBox GB-2 Discount. The GB-2 version comes with the rail clamp and a set of 15mm rods if you plan to use a follow focus or mattebox with your setup. You will need to enter a coupon code during checkout to get the $50 dollar discount, dropping the down price to just $99 bucks. More information can be found at the archived P&C newsletter (click here).

P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Accessory Bracket


Wanting to test out video features on the new Nikon D600, I needed to check if it fits in the P&C GearBox so that I can start mounting the accessories. It's short enough to fit in the GearBox without the extension adapters, and you still have full access to media and batteries.

P&C GearBox Nikon D600


The P&C GB-1 GearBox sold out on it's first day, and a small second inventory has become available again today. If you're not sure what this is, you can check out the previous article (here).


If you already have the GearBox itself, you will be able to upgrade to the 15mm Rod system with the GB-R Kit. For those who want both in one purchase, there will be a GB-2 GearBox Bundle available on the website.

find-price-button P&C GearBox - DSLR Cage Video Accessory Bracket


Gini Non-Standard CagesGini Non Standard DSLR Cage
Click image for other Gini DSLR Cage designs

The very early DSLR Cages from Gini supported standard 15mm rods, and basic 1/4 x 20 threads. In the last few weeks, there's been dozens of comments regarding some major changes in his designs that no longer support Industry Standard mounts. WTF Gini? There's no real rhyme or reason, other than he might be working on future 'proprietary' accessory mounts that you'd probably have to pick up from him. So I would stay clear from any of the cages, but luckily his DSLR rigs are still the best deal for the quality and Industry Standard. (Click here to see Gini DSLR Cage Designs)

Ironic that something like this could happen, because I have had in my hands the final designs for the new PNC (photographyandcinema.com) DSLR Cages. I posted an article about these cages earlier here: http://cheesycam.com/pnc-dslr-cage-brackets/. These new cages (industry standard of course) will have be offered in very affordable version, and one with a little more machine work and feature set.

If you're shopping for a nice quality affordable DSLR cage, you might steer clear of the Gini (non-standard) designs, and hang tight for the new PNC stuff coming out soon. Make sure to follow me on Twitter when that's announced...