P&C GearBox GB-2 with 15mm Rails Discounted

Just a reminder that it's the final weekend to for the P&C GearBox GB-2 Discount. The GB-2 version comes with the rail clamp and a set of 15mm rods if you plan to use a follow focus or mattebox with your setup. You will need to enter a coupon code during checkout to get the $50 dollar discount, dropping the down price to just $99 bucks. More information can be found at the archived P&C newsletter (click here).

P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Accessory Bracket

28 thoughts on “P&C GearBox GB-2 with 15mm Rails Discounted

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @pao - The link you sent is a 3/8" d-ring. As long as the screw you get is .5" or 13mm minimum you should be able to attach a hot shoe adapter.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - The GB-1 does not come with rails or an adapter. The GB-2 comes with everything.

  3. Peter

    I wish I bought it when I had the chance. It seems the GB-1 and Swiss Rail adapter is priced at $130 but the GB-2 set is $150. Is there a difference?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel Kapuscinski - I would keep checking over the day. They should not be out of stock as far as I know. I'm sure the inventory will be updated.

  5. Al

    The Kamerar TK-2 Tank Cage isn't necessarily better. I have The P&C cage and I like the handles much better. You may think you like the swiss rails so you can hang more gear but the P&C cage already allows me to hang too much gear. And believe me there's a limit to how much stuff you want hanging off a cage.

  6. Tom

    Hi Emm, I purchased this a while ago and the 15mm rods I got aren't the same as the ones pictured. Mine don't have the male thread on one end. I was wondering if it mattered? Cheers Tom

  7. Update: Guess they limited the GET35 coupon to the Mattebox and Follow Focus purchases now. Previously they had it for the Tank Cage, managed to grab both the Tank Cage and Mattebox both with 35% off. 😀

  8. @Emm - Oh yes, I just noticed that too, there's Swiss Rods and Magic Arm bundled at the P&C website. Thanks for the heads up!

    Also, seems like the GET35 coupon can't be used for site wide purchases anymore. Guess it was an error that they didn't discover until I commented here. 😛

  9. Emm

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    @Zane - Keep in mind the parts the shoulder rig is not the same on both websites that is the reason for the price difference. The P&C website offers a few extra parts that are not bundled in the Kamerar website.

  10. editwizard

    I have the GB-2 and it's pretty awesome especially for the price. The only thing I wish it had is a way to adjust the 1/4-20 mounting point side to side. I use the Swivi VF-3 and leave it on pretty much full time. The Swivi's mounting plate takes up the center tripod hole and gives you another hole slightly offset where a matte box and/or follow focus won't line up with the lens on the rails.

    Then if you try to use a quick release, it places the camera a bit too high for the follow-focus. I did find an Arca type clamp that allows me to align sideways but it's really not great. It just ends up better mounting directly to the camera bottom.

  11. @Rico - Get the Kamerar TK-2 Tank Cage then! It's height adjustable!


    It's cheaper than the GB-2, and packs much more features. More value for money too if you consider that 2 Pieces of Swiss Rods on P&C is $65. So for $97.49, you're getting a GB-2 that comes bundled with 4 Pieces of Swiss Rods worth $130! On top of that, you're getting a cage and rods too! 😉

    I don't understand what's P&C trying to do by coming up with a different brand. Wish they'd just consolidate both websites and product catalogs into one, and be more consistent with their international shipping...

  12. Correction: TK-2 Cage after GET35 coupon is $97.49!


    Oh and yes, if you placed your order recently on P&C for the GB-2 and want the TK-2 instead, email P&C quickly to cancel the order. It seems like orders won't be fulfilled until 18 Feb due to Chinese New Year or something like that. I cancelled mine by emailing P&C (they responded quickly too). You'll be getting a way better deal with the TK-2 cage. 😉

    Got the MAX-1 Mattebox too: https://kamerar.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/matte-box-max-1

  13. I actually grabbed the deal a few days back but cancelled the order afterwards because I realised Kamerar had the same deal on their Tank Cage (GET35 coupon gives 35% off).

    Funny thing is both websites' orders are fulfilled by Photography and Cinema, but on Kamerar's website, international shipping is free. So eventually, My order on P&C was $114.99 due to $15 shipping. On the Kamerar website, my order for the Tank Cage is $99.99 with free international shipping.

    It's weird that they are having inconsistencies in their shipping costs, but I sent them an email with feedback on that. They did cancelled my order as requested quickly though.

    As for the cages, the Kamerar Tank Cage is definitely a better deal. I don't know how long to GET35 coupon will work, but I grabbed a Tank Cage and a Mattebox for a great deal anyway!

    If anyone's deciding between the GB-2 and TK-2, I believe the choice is clear when you're getting a TK-2 at $99.99 shipped compared to a GB-2 at $114.99 shipped. Even if they are the same price with shipping, I would still go for the TK-2 because it's a lot more professional and future-proof with the option to swap out the Swiss Rods for actual 15mm Rods.

    Also, the TK-2 cage is very well priced for the features it offers. Just go put 4 Swiss Rods into your cart and compare the prices between that, and a TK-2! 😉

  14. Hi Cheesycam.
    Just some constructive feedback on your cage.( seeing as you helped design it)
    I find it hard to mount on standart Manfrotto plates and get tight enough.
    With only one single centered screw hole there is little to hold the whole thing from twisting.

    Great work on the site- always check with you before I buy anything.
    Have you tested the Wondlan wireless follow focus yet?


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