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Using a 128GB Lexar SDXC card in my Sony RX100, I don't often run out space, I just run out of juice (battery power). A single Sony OEM battery for the RX100 will run you about $49.99 (seen here on Amazon) and you'll still have to use your camera as the charger rendering it useless. So I ordered this kit of (3) NP-BX1 batteries + DC134 charger for my Sony RX100 (found here on eBay).

I've had it for about a week and used them through some of my video blogs, Giants BaseBall games at the Park, and casual video shooting. The batteries work as normal, and i'm not really seeing any major difference in run times. We'll see how well they hold up after a few months, but with the 128GB SDXC card, I now have enough power in the bag with these 3 extra batteries + Battery Charger for under $30 bucks.

Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteriesSony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteries
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I'm pretty happy Canon continued to support the LP-E6 battery with many of their camera models. It helps to be able to keep things uniform. I've had about 6 aftermarket LP-E6 batteries that i've been using for my Canon 5D Mark II & 7D shown in this video here: https://cheesycam.com/canon-5d-mark-ii-7d-cheap-china-batteries/. I'm a big fan of these batteries and have used them for quite a while without a hiccup. The problem was that when these were first released, they didn't have the option to show battery life on the camera due to a special information chip. It's about time I grabbed some additional batteries and if i'm not mistaken the new Canon 60D on order will also be using the LP-E6 battery type. Now that i'm in the market for some extra batteries, these newer LP-E6 aftermarket batteries are already chipped properly to show battery life with the Canon DSLR's. Here's the link to the proper LP-E6 aftermarket batteries that should read proper battery life with your Canon DSLR's. Canon 5D Mark II & 7D batteries chipped to show Battery Life.

Opteka has been a fairly reliable name in the DSLR community providing cheap alternatives, so if you're an Amazon shopper here's a chipped Opteka LP-E6 2400mAh Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery Pack for the Canon EOS 7D & 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Fully Compatible)



Finally! The 550D / T2i aftermarket battery grip + 2 batteries is sitting here at my desk, and i'll have more photos and full review later when I get back home. There are many sellers, but the boxes seem to be the same packaging. Does anyone have a different box? Send in your photos and comments, i'll do an awesome review for everyone when I get back home. Click the image above if you want to buy one from the same eBay seller I purchased mine from.