Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 AfterMarket Batteries


Using a 128GB Lexar SDXC card in my Sony RX100, I don't often run out space, I just run out of juice (battery power). A single Sony OEM battery for the RX100 will run you about $49.99 (seen here on Amazon) and you'll still have to use your camera as the charger rendering it useless. So I ordered this kit of (3) NP-BX1 batteries + DC134 charger for my Sony RX100 (found here on eBay).

I've had it for about a week and used them through some of my video blogs, Giants BaseBall games at the Park, and casual video shooting. The batteries work as normal, and i'm not really seeing any major difference in run times. We'll see how well they hold up after a few months, but with the 128GB SDXC card, I now have enough power in the bag with these 3 extra batteries + Battery Charger for under $30 bucks.

Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteriesSony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 NPBX1 Aftermarket batteries
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16 thoughts on “Sony RX100 Charger NP-BX1 AfterMarket Batteries

  1. charger light stays green all the time so I guess the charger is shot after 7 months very light use.
    Batteries are at least as good as the sonys
    carbest2011 would not replace the defective charger. Instead offered me a discount if I bought another one from them. (they had a sale at the time)

  2. joyce

    having a second thought in purchasing after market batteries. i have ordered a faux-leather case,acmaxx lens and lcd protector in ebay and they arrived after 2 weeks from china and i have only 4 days before my island-hopping vacation..i still dont have a spare batteries for my rx100 and CPL magfilter as well :'(

  3. Vu Le

    I purchased these batteries before I saw this post. The batteries and the charger work great. I can also charge the OEM battery. HOWEVER, there are two drawbacks: 1) the generic battery life is a little shorter, and 2) the battery gauge doesn't work. The camera dies with no warning. IMO, that's a dealbreaker. The OEM battery is $32. Since the RX100 can also charge with a standard micro USB cable, you can charge it in your car, too.

  4. Betty

    Hi, how is the replacement/aftermarket battery now? Still doing great? I am also thinking of buying one...I noticed this battery is 1450mAh compared to the original one which is 1240mAh. This should allow you to capture more shots (I guess). Will wait for your feedback. thanks.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Maximillian - I have two RX100s (you'll see that in my video tomorrow), and the batteries work great. I've even charged the OEM Sony battery on the aftermarket charger and works fine.

  6. Maximilian


    Just ordered the same package, excited.
    How and what are your impressions so far?
    Non original batteries are always a bit of a worry for me, but you seem content with the performance..

    Noticed anything yet?

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - The RX100 has impressive low light handling for a small camera, and with the larger sensor and manual controls over video, it's a far superior camera than the HX9V. If you were impressed with that last video, this will clearly be much better. If I have something interesting to shoot, i'll put something together, but check out Vimeo for RX100 videos. There's some good ones popping up lately.

  8. Peter

    Maybe you remember this HX9V video:
    That´s real world for me;)

    Also, low light was a problem with the HX9V and the RXs bigger chip may improve on that.
    I know that for most projects people will just grab their DSLR or shoulder cam, but for filming the markets of an arabian city or something like that, the RX might be the better choice.
    Or maybe just a nice clip of an interesting event or exotic holiday, where you just don´t want to lug around your DSLR, but still like to shoot with at least some control over the image;)

  9. urban

    i bought 2 batteries and 1bcharger through ebay
    it took 2 weeks sent directly from china 🙂

    works great

  10. jarrett towe

    I think he just wants to see beautiful graded footage. I'm still figuring out the rx100. Also looking for a nice small tripod since i shipped my manfrotto carbon fiber set out on wednesday. Anybody seen the small manfrotto video tripod with the pistol grip or had experience with it? Wondering if it would suit a rx100 well.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - I sold off all my other small cameras including Canon S100, HX9V, HX20V, and purchased (2) RX100s. It's been the best camera for both my personal use and quick videos and photos you'll find on this blog. I'm not sure what you classify as 'real world' tests.

  12. Peter

    thanks for the tip!
    Do you have any "real world" tests with the RX100 to show so far? I know the clip from EOSHD, but like to see some more before buying one...

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