RodeLink Wireless Microphone Kits Begin Shipping

The RodeLink Wireless Filmmakers Kit has been a highly anticipated product for those looking for an affordable wireless mic system. Today they've officially announced the units will be shipping to authorized dealers worldwide!

The RodeLink is consistently monitoring and hopping between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level at a range of up to 100 metres (over 100 yards). The RODELink is so intuitive that it works straight out of the box, with no channel selection necessary. For users with multiple RØDELink devices the system offers eight discrete channels that can be setup in seconds.

Power & Secure
Using a series II 2.4GHz encrypted digital transmission that is sent on two channels simultaneously, RODELink automatically selects the strongest signal and ensures your audio is as reliable and secure as a cabled connection.

(Click here for this Audio TIP)
audio setup a7s zoom h6 redundant
Setup for (3) Wireless G3 Mic Kits on Zoom H6 each with an attenuated Backup Audio Track

Because i'm using a technique that allows me to have an attenuated backup audio track for every person I mic up, I've been seriously looking into adding a few more wireless systems to my arsenal. I haven't found solid results in anything under $700 bucks, so I'm hoping the RodeLink kit really delivers as they say. Remember they begin shipping units out to retailers today worldwide.

I've seen retailers announce a list price of $599, but are currently listing pre-orders right now for just $399 (found here).

Rode Wireless FIlmmaker Kit
find-price-button Rode Wireless Filmmaker Kit - Wireless Lav Mic System

8 thoughts on “RodeLink Wireless Microphone Kits Begin Shipping

  1. Sergio

    That's why I'd have one of my Canon C100 XLR inputs for the Rode Rodelink with the VXLR and without the need for the phantom power and the other XLR on my C100 would be for my AT875R shotgun mic, using the phantom power.

    That should work?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Sergio - One thing about XLR microphones is some need to be powered either through a battery (of it's own), or through Phantom power. If your microphone needs Phantom power, the Rodelink may not work. You will need a shotgun microphone that has it's own battery power.

  3. @andreas To use the RØDELinkk Filmmaker Kit with XLR connections, just add the VXLR adaptor.

    @Louis we have tested it in different environments with crowded 2.4GHz and it worked fine. Of course there things to consider when using any wireless system.

    @David the digital transmission is a 44.1kHz signal but your audio device will record at the sampling rate set so cameras will record at 48kHz.

  4. I look forward to seeing some real world reviews of this system. I'm a little disappointed that the audio is 44.1, and the range seems rather limited, but for interviews in small spaces it will probably fine.

  5. Louis

    Hi Emm, can you please test it in a crowded 2.4GHz environment and let's see how the audio quality and reliability fair. Thanks.

  6. Andreas

    This looks very enticing. I am just wondering how you connect the receiver to the camera? For example with a C100 we have the two XLR inputs. Does the receiver feed into the XLRs or is there another way to connect the receiver with the C100? Maybe I am missing something very obvious here but any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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