Now the Canon S100 has Arrived

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I got a pretty sweet deal on this constantly sold out Canon S100. If you find a few available, normally they've marked it up by another $100 dollars. The deal I found happened to come with a bundle for the same price as the basic camera (no tax and free shipping). There were about 7 available at the time, but shortly after posting it on my blog (here), the deal ended.


The Fuji X10 is another hard camera to find for regular price. I was lucky, but shortly after posting this X10 article (here), it's currently on backorder. I'll be testing out the new Fuji X10 and Canon S100 to see which one fits best to replace my GF2.

The X10 is bit larger, very easy to navigate (feels DSLR-ish) and has a better aperture through it's range over the S100. The Canon S100 is smaller, fits in your pocket, and has some fun stylish effects with images. It's sporting Canon's latest Digic 5 processor and is said to be fairly good with controlling noise in low light. The HD video might even be better quality from what I can tell so far. More to come...

Canon Sx240 Fuji X10 Canon S100 Sony NEX5n
Canon SX240, Canon S100, Fuji X10, and Sony NEX-5n

Both cameras are currently sold out, but if it's something you must have for the upcoming holidays, you can find a few with marked up prices via Amazon below.

find-price-button Fuji X10 Digital Camera

find-price-button Canon Powershot S100

8 thoughts on “Now the Canon S100 has Arrived

  1. j hanna

    I love my s100. I used it for my auditions today at 720p. they look great on my tv.
    i did some color work on some footage I shot to match to some t2i footage. my girlfriend and friends couldnt see a difference in quality. I could...the noise was muddier on the s100 but it is one helluva camera.

  2. Let's see some side by side comparison shots with a 7D/5D and the S100! Test footage in general would be nice too as I haven't seen too much on the web.

  3. Tony

    Please do a 5n vs S100 vs X10 vs GF2 hd video comparison in different settings before you return one. Not so ironic that these cameras are on my top list of pocketable camera to get.

  4. How's the video from the X10? Too bad there's no 24/25p..

    For those with a lot of micro43 lenses, or m42s/nikons with micro43 adapters, the GX1 could be a nice choice..1080p/60fps..Interlaced, though..

    Thanks for the image of s100 and x10 side by side, didn't know the X10 would be that much bigger..

  5. I'm loving my S100. The Video has been perfect from around the house sort of a thing. 2.0 & Digic 5 seems to be a pretty sweet combo.

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