Light Craft Workshop – Trapezist Portable Mini Jib

Light Craft Workshop, well known for their Variable ND Fader Filters has released a new Portable Mini Jib called the Trapezist. They list a special price for early bird adopters, but even when it goes to full retail price, it's reasonable for such a product (compared to other mini-jibs). You can find more information following the link to their product page

20 thoughts on “Light Craft Workshop – Trapezist Portable Mini Jib

  1. Rogelio

    Would I be able to put a Pan tilt head like the one from Servo city with this mini jib.

  2. I'd love to compare them all. They all have pros and cons because of the small size and light's a compromise no matter how you slice it.

    In the end I went with the Trapezist because of the sale and passed on the Aviator because of the timing of the Kickstarter project...I'm sure they all work great.

    I'm glad to see DSLR-Devices chiming in here. The fact that you're watching the dark corners of the internet and listening to the chatter from the little guys is important to me as a consumer. You're very likely going to get my business in the future just because of that alone!

  3. Dan Nguyen1

    I would love to hear your opinion on which travel jib is the best buy. Between the DSLR Devices, Trapezist, and The Aviator.

  4. "Zeke" these guys both ordered a 1 of our crane's and asked to resell too...

    a few of these newer Jibs and copy's have had access to tech that i didn't to begin with, so in some respects they have been able to clean up a few details.

    we are working on a number of new products and i would say in the next 6-10 months you will be seeing these.

    in the mean time our crane offers everything these other jibs do but also:
    -the ability set the camera upside down allowing you to get the lowest shots possible!

    -using the weight clamps you can micro adjust the balance, making changing of lens or other weight altering peripherals fast in the field.

    -although stated on the site saying 60cm it can actually be as small 55cm by undoing 1 more tube, not much but might be the difference between fitting in a bag or not.

    -as a few have mentioned the range on some of these other jibs seems to be less than what ours offers,

    thank you to the supporters and kind words, although its natural in business for there to be ideas copied and competition it still huts on a personal level as it has been a pretty intense 1+ year of colorful spectrum of experiences.

    enjoy the summer people and hopefully see you out there filming 🙂 James

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @DaveT - I agree it's totally different. It just looks similar because it's a mini jib, but the locking collars on this one looks like it can be adjusted to different lengths, while the other has locking pins that have set distances.

  6. I wouldn't call them copies. They're similar but distinctly different. Length, materials, if/how they come apart...all different.

  7. Mav

    Heck of a price, though, at $300 and the brackets do seem much better. Hmm, do I need a second unit? 🙂

  8. It's much shorter and doesn't have any of the pro features as some other mini-jibs either.

    The funny bit is how fast they rushed this to market. Two weeks ago they asked me if they could distribute my mini-jib which I won't mention here by name because I don't want to hi-jack the post.

  9. Mav

    This looks exactly like the one from dslr-devices except for different bracketing structures. The posts seem indentical, as well as the overall functionality....seems like everyone steals others' ideas, but what else is new in this industry? I have the dslr-devices one and for the portability, it works extremely well, especially when traveling. For local, I still use a heavier-duty unit.

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