Juicedlink BMC366 for Blackmagic, Tascam DR-60D Comments

Robert from JuicedLink gives us an NAB preview of the latest BMC366 Low Noise XLR Preamp designed to tackle audio issues with the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. Robert has also been aware of the many comments and questions regarding Tascam's latest DR-60D product announcement and shares some of his thoughts.

If you're not familiar with best practices when working with Audio on the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera, or to find out more specs on the BMC366, you can find that information at the JuicedLink blog: https://www.juicedlink.com/blackmagic-cinema-camera.

BMC366 Low-Noise Preamp for BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

13 thoughts on “Juicedlink BMC366 for Blackmagic, Tascam DR-60D Comments

  1. Ricky

    I have just purchased the Tascam RD60D 11/4/13.
    Despite the fact that it is a beautiful piece of electronics, on my 5th use (with the same mic cable each time) the XLR input clip stuck and I was unable to remove the XLR.
    When I finally did get the XLR out the clip was bent and I'm afraid that putting another XLR in will be locked in permanently.

    As I bout this from USA, Tascam Australia will not repair it. I have been told by Tascam USA that since I don't live in the USA they will not repair it and send it back to me.

    If I had bought this recorder from Australia (by the way it's not yet available in Australia) and then traveled over seas for a job and had a problems with it, Tascam would not authorise the repair unless I sent it back to Australia, leaving me high and dry with out a recorder?
    (This is a big concern as I do travel on video projects)

    If video is a hobby, you may consider this a great piece of equipment, though probably too expensive for a hobbyist.

    But I can not consider nor recommend this as a professional product. Due to the likelihood that the XLR input clips could get stuck at any time and render the DR-60D useless.

    It's a shame about the XLR input clips.

  2. steven

    i would hate to think someone would choose an inferior sound box because it was pretty?oh my god,,wat a bunch of poop,,i think its true because when a person goes into store to buy he will look at how good looking a thing it is,,even if he doesnt know didly about sound recording,,he will choose the box that looks soo pretty on his bright shine camera,,,what a sad tale of consumers.i suppose even if the juicelink is way better many will choose the pretty tascam.fools.

  3. William

    So it's not just me?
    These Juiced Link boxes always reminded me of some HS electronics project. Probably a great product but doesn't look polished or finished. So much of the DSLR stuff I've seen looks like cheap tinker toy parts.

  4. MN

    I don't want to sound too harsh, as I typically believe in form over function, but a major handicap is that the JL looks like what it is: An ambitious project from an engineer that was able to get over the commercial distribution hump, but only just.

    Aesthetically it comes across as some sort of hobby kit. And the logo doesn't help. Good god it doesn't help. Robert might as well have just used Comic Sans. (sorry Robert, but that stuff does matter)

    Design especially matters when the performance specs of two products are competitive. Without a doubt the JL product looks like it was definitely designed wholly by a single engineer.

    This doesn't mean that it can't do a fine job for what it's guts were built to do, it just means that when a more well-rounded product hits the same market as a lesser product, the lesser products tend to lose, all other bits being equal.

    It's a shame, 'kuz it's always nice to see the little guy succeed.

    That said, I still think there could be a better DSLR audio solution than either of these products.

    If Robert (or anyone for that matter) could get a simple flash card recording device wedged into a redesigned preamp box, offered a line out, offered a headphone out, and was able to stick a VU meter with gain knob on the thing, he'd have a cool product.

    Even if it was single channel, I think it would be viable.

    I doubt it would be cost effective though.

    At any rate, keep up the good fight. Best of luck!

  5. Ian

    The Tascam website is advertising impressively low noise specs: 92 dB SNR and -120 dBu EIN.

    I think it's more like comparing apples to a fruit bowl.

  6. @ iP337

    I don't think we can really make that decision until we see how well the dr60d does in terms of audio/pre amp quality.

  7. I would say that was a balanced and fair commentary. He's right too, it's going to come down to audio quality (preamp quality) in the DR-60D and personal needs/preferences. For me, I don't mind the size. If the audio quality is there, I would rather have one device that can be a field mixer/recorder combo, and on-camera preamp solution.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @iP337 - More useful maybe, but the size, weight, and the quality of the audio will determine how often these things will realistically be used. We will have to wait and see what the turnout is, but check out some of the comments from the Tascam article about some of their previous recorders: httpss://cheesycam.com/tascam-dr-60d-audio-preamp-field-mixer-combo/

  9. iP337

    Tascam DR60D is cheaper than a Riggy Micro 222 and Zoom H1 combo. And more useful, 'nuff said.

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