Flycam Nano Stabilizer Test

Vimeo member Satva Leung shares a Flycam Nano stabilizer test with me. It's pretty nice to see someone fairly new to stabilizers get great results, especially from such a cheap piece of equipment. Flying a Canon T2i + Tokina 11-16mm (same lens I used on a few tests), check out the results. I haven't flown my cameras around in a while, I think next week i'll take the GH2 or GF2 out for a spin with the Flycam Nano. [Thanks Satva]

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27 thoughts on “Flycam Nano Stabilizer Test

  1. I just purchased a Flycam Nano to use it with my GoPro HD with Battery BacPac but I cannot get it to stabilize. I removed all the weights and only kept the long bolts with wing nuts. The center column is slightly raised about a quarter of an inch. I'm somewhat close to having it steady but its still not working. I'm assuming the GoPro is just too light so in order to balance it out I think I have to attach some weights to the top. Maybe by using a longer 1/4-20 bolt, slide some weights on it then a manfrotto quick release with the gopro attached to that? Basically match the weight of a heavier DSLR. I also swapped the handle out as the original is too short for my fat ugly hands.

  2. Emm

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    @cuno - Yes it would be, but there's a limit to how much weight this carries. You might be ok with just the arm brace.

  3. Emm

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    @defiant - I have a low profile mount on my flycam httpss://

  4. how are you attaching the t2i/tokina to the cheese plate. are you able to use a quick release plate/shoe like the Manfrotto 577?
    or would that put it at to much weight?

  5. Emm

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    @Tuukka @John - I almost threw a Glidecam 2000 Pro out a window, it took me over 3 hours to get it close to balanced. That's 'after' I was already flying a Steadicam Merlin. They aren't easy, it takes practice....

  6. Good Job, Anybody know the best shutter speed to use for this dreamy feel if one renders out 720p
    Normally shoot at 50fps render out at 720p 25 but its just not the same. Thanks in advance

  7. Tuukka

    I also got one but didn't get it steady enough. So here is yet another one that has given ip on it. 🙁

  8. John

    Awesome footage. Not sure about if the one I received was faulty, either. I could never get it to balance even I watched some videos online. I gave up on it.

  9. Emm

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    @Jason - You can use a Flycam Nano to fly a GoPro, but you'll just need to add some weight to the top. The GoPro itself is much too light. I would add in an LED light even if you're not using it, it would help stabilize the Flycam.

  10. Jason

    Best/cheapest steadicam for a gopro and t2i em? Any others I should look at?

    Didn't realize these were so cheap..I'm interested more in this now than the Lensee ones..

  11. Vedia

    BTW, I bought the "Arm Brace" for the Flycam, and I couldn't find out how to set it up properly. Please, it would be great if you can help me and other people that have the same problem!

  12. Emm

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    @Chusco - You might be able to, but you'd never use zoom or focus. You'll also never use the 135mm range. It's best to keep things light so your arms don't get tired and try to find a good lens that works. Wide lenses also make things look smoother than lenses over 50mm.

  13. Emm

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    @Claude lee sadik - I'm not sure what you mean about the cheese plate. There should be at least 4 screws to hold the top plate in place, not sure why it would vibrate. Also placing cardboard between posts? Do you have photos?

  14. I don't know if it's because I received a faulty product, but the cheese plate is slightly unstable making the dslr vribrate and thus destabilise everything! I replaced the screw underneath the plate with a stronger one and put some cardboard inside the tube where the two pieces are joining together but it still not enough! 🙁

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